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I had to protect Kanon Matsubara with a chastity belt

Summary by TheChisatoFan

Not to be confused with her doppelgänger, Jellyfish Girl (who btw is my current best girl lulz)

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Now she can't get raped by IHateShippers' allies.

Btw, in case you don't know what it is, a chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Such belts were historically designed for women, ostensibly for the purpose of chastity, to protect women from rape or to dissuade women and their potential sexual partners from sexual temptation.

The other members of the K-Pop force wear chastity belts too so that they can't get raped by his allies.

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)

Nice! I probably should do something similar to the people who are in my Anti-Rape Club, ZapForce and The People.