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What other madness or opinion lashing will happen, find out right here on the Total Drama Fandom!

Total Drama is a Canadian animated television series. It has a toxic fandom for various reasons.

Why They Cause So Much Drama Everywhere (No Pun Intended)

  1. They start a lot of shipping conflicts. Notable examples are Dunceny (Duncan x Courtney) and Gwuncan (Gwen x Duncan).
    • Yes. It also included other shippings in the conflicts such as Mike x Zoey and Mal, Gwen x Courtney, Noah x Cody and Owen.
  2. Some of them are still complaining about the old Total Drama: All-Stars season to this very day. In fact there's a rant video on YouTube about the season, which has a lot of swearing.
    • Speaking of which, ever since the announcement of the Total DramaRama season, a lot of them immediately disliked it, claiming that it's worse than the Total Drama: All-Stars season.
  3. Some of the fanart they make (especially on DeviantArt) isn't always the best to look at since at times it could be fetish art.
    • Not to mention, Rule 34 fanart, even without realizing that most of the 3 groups of generation campers are only 15 to 16 year-old teenagers which is pedophilia.
  4. Some of them write terrible fanfictions, especially when it comes to shipping.
  5. Most of them are from the Johnny Test Hatedom.
  6. Some of them are from The Vyond Community.
  7. Some of them also like to bash 6teen, another Canadian cartoon because they think their "precious Total Drama" is better than that show. If it hadn't been for 6teen, this show would've never existed in the first place.
  8. A ton of NoCo (Noah x Cody) fangirls went frustrated seeing Noah being together with Emma in the Ridonculous Race, instead of Cody. Here's a video example of one of them complaining about it..

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them can respect opinions on ships without starting shipping wars.
  2. Some of them can make amazing fanart and fanfictions.
  3. They have some good reasons to hate Total Drama: All-Stars and Total DramaRama.
  4. Some of them are also fans of Fresh TV's other work, not just Total Drama. Such as daanton and djgames.
  5. They can also take criticism.

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