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About This Wiki

Welcome to the Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki! Not all fandoms, hatedoms and communities are perfect. Nothing is perfect. In fact, were you ever bothered or annoyed by any unlikable fandoms, hatedoms or communities in your whole life? And were you ever a victim of any of their toxic acts such as cyberbullying, trolling, being called out with insults or circle-jerking? Then this wiki is the right place for you to enjoy.

Please note that this site is not affiliated to other reception wikis such as the Mainline Reception Wikis (e.g. Crappy Games Wiki) nor The Outcast Network (e.g Atrocious YouTubers Wiki), as we're entitled to be in our own network called The Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki Database.

You can find all the pages in this link.

Basic Rules

  1. Due to a terrible history of heavy vandalism, new users can no longer edit. In order to edit, you must send a request to an admin via private message and they will give you the confirmed user right.
  2. Make sure to use the words "Fandom" or "Hatedom" when naming an article. Also, if a fandom or hatedom is mostly good, add "(Toxic Portion)" next to which is mostly good.
  3. The main headings for a Fandom/Hatedom are Why This Fandom Is Toxic, Why This Hatedom is Toxic, Why Both Of These Are Toxic, and the Why Half Of The Fandom is Toxic. Please don’t use the WHY THEY SUCK SO HARD! nor the Why It's VERY EXTREMELY TOXIC!! at the headings of a page where the fandom/hatedom is really toxic because it’s deemed immature and more of a hate page (meaning that you don't use red, bold and underlined text in all caps on the headings). If they're not counted as a fandom or a hatedom, don't include the words "Fandom" and "Hatedom"
  4. If a fandom or hatedom isn't really that bad, obnoxious, mean spirited, or annoying, it can't be on here. It should go on our sister wikiHF&HW instead.
  5. Don't remove any information from articles unless you have a good reason to.
  6. Any forms of drama, flame, cyberbullying, threats or harassment of any kind to users will not be tolerated and will most likely get an IP block. You may use your own talk page to appeal to your ban.
  7. Profanity is legal as long as you don't abuse it (with the exception of The Anti-Profanity Community page) so please don't censor anything except for slurs.
    • Refrain from language and actions that put others down on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, or any other reason.
  8. Please use proper grammar and good English so that it is understandable.
  9. Be sure to add at least one image when you or someone else create a page, if possible. If you use fanart, then be sure to credit the artist. You can add more than one image if you want to, but it's up to you.
  10. Do not create blank, TBA, incomplete or coming soon pages. You may use your sandbox to create drafts for pages. Remember that if you make an official page, be sure to have at least 5 detailed bullet points. Failure to meet the requirements will likely have those pages deleted and/or moved to the page creators' sandbox since it is considered "incomplete".
    • Speaking of which, please do not add TBA or coming soon under the Why This Fandom Is Toxic, Why This Hatedom is Toxic, and the Why Both Of These Are Toxic & Why Half Of The Fandom is Toxic section.
  11. If you're a member of any of the fandoms or hatedoms on this wiki, then please try to understand why we’re criticizing them for all the good reasons.
  12. If something has both a bad fandom and hatedom please put them on one page.
  13. Do NOT overuse emojis, red text, bold words and underlined words in articles (some bold words, underlined words red fonts are allowed in articles but others are not), as that seems childish, immature, unprofessional and overdramatic.
  14. Do not edit other people's user pages, only edit yours unless you have permission from them.
  15. Remember: fandoms or hatedoms do not dictate the quality of a product.
  16. You will always be able to argue about your block on your own talk page unless what you did was unforgivable.
  17. Joke captions are allowed as long as it doesn't offend people.
  18. No plagiarism.
  19. Be respectful and don't be prejudiced.
  20. You may replace the “Why It’s Toxic” and the "Redeeming Qualities" headings with jokes as long as it’s fitting for the article.
  21. No vandalism of any sort.
  22. No attack/biased articles.
  23. No necroposting. This means that if there is a discussion that has been inactive for more than a month or is resolved, please don't revive or reopen said topic as that's an act of gravedigging.
  24. Please don't use the terms "ENOUGH SAID", "LET THAT SINK IN", "THEY WORSHIP IT", "BASH", "BIG TIME", and "DISRESPECT OPINIONS" on wiki pages as it gets really annoying. Using those will get a warning.
  25. Do not call everything a fandom, examples include religions and countries since they aren't fandoms.
  26. Do not add the redeeming qualities for fandoms and hatedoms that they are against bad things like terrorism, racism or sexism since it isn't enough to be redeemed unless it has something to do with those topics.
  27. If possible, be sure to add the comments section when creating an article.
  28. Please lessen the usage of cliché pointers and cliché words as they get really repetitive. Use this blog as a guide to refrain from using the same pointers on every page on this wiki.
    • Adding any banned phrases will get you blocked for 1 day without a warning since it encourages opinion lashing towards the readers of this wiki.
      • If users continue to add these types of phrases after they've been blocked once, the next block time will be extended, following the ban policy below.
      • The same penalty will apply to the users who add this reason: "However, the reason why we added the "Opinions that really deserve disrespecting" category is because this fandom/hatedom has very serious issues that we just couldn't handle and tolerate" since it just adds more bias to the wiki.
  29. Don't close or open a discussion thread by an administrator unless if they give consent. Violating this law will incur a block.
  30. Do not undo an admin's edit (this will result in a 2-hour timeout without warning). If you must undo an edit by an admin, please ask their permission first before you undo the edit.
  31. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, ask the admins for their consent first. If your suggestion proves to be useful, they'll create it for you.

If you break the rules...

  • First time: you're given a warning.
  • Second time: you're blocked for 1 day.
  • Third time: you're blocked for 3 days.
  • Fourth time: you're blocked for 1 week.
  • Fifth time: you're blocked for 1 month.
  • Sixth time: you're blocked for 1 year.
  • Seventh time: you're kicked out from this wiki.

Have fun, and remember, follow these rules!

  1. Anything that is already on Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms (unless there's a toxic portion of them) - We don't need to provide a lengthy explanation of this. It's pretty obvious that any fandom, hatedom or community that's not toxic enough should go to the sister wiki instead of this one.
  2. Any Pages Related to Memes Specifically (except for The Meme Community) - They make us look like we can't handle jokes.
    • Memes Related to Tragic Events (EX. 9/11, the Holocaust and School Shootings) - Extremely offensive to those who had relatives and loved ones that died during the events.
  3. Anything Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak - Doesn't count as fandom or hatedom, plus already covered on Garbage Memes Wiki as well as on the China Hatedom article here on this very wiki.
  4. Any Pages Related to Wiki Users - Might encourage a-logging, cyberbullying, harassment, and drama. Plus, it makes it sound as if these users are narcissistic (in the fandom's case) or the fact that they can't handle hate or criticism (for hatedom's case).
  5. Joke Fandoms/Hatedoms (EX. Shrek fandom, Bidoof fandom, etc.) - Regardless of how good or bad they are, they're pointless, clog up the wiki, and they make us look like we can't handle jokes.
  6. Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Hatedom - Way too obscure to be on this wiki.
  7. Kobe Bryant Fandom - It's considered disrespecting the dead if we say the fans are toxic.
  8. Iran Hatedom - Too controversial, since the crisis of Iran and the USA.
  9. Africa Hatedom - Too touchy of a subject to discuss.
  10. Anything related to politics - Controversial reasoning and were responsible for the "anarchy-state" of this wiki.
  11. Neo-Nazis - Controversial reasoning. Also too political.
  12. Non-Muslims Hatedom - Controversial reasoning. Also, too much of a complicated topic to discuss.
  13. Pokémon Sword and Shield Fandom/Defenders - Despite the nasty art and some "memes", they're not actually that toxic and they have valid reasons to defend the games and are against the extremely toxic Bring Back National Dex protest and the "#GameFreakLied" bullshit.
    • Bea (Pokémon) Fandom - She's one of the few female Pokémon characters to not have a toxic fandom. Also, most of the fan art (yes, this includes fetish art) is actually pretty good and well-drawn.
  14. Godwin's Law Hatedom - We don't need to explain since you should know why.
  15. Pokémon the Series: Black & White Fandom - The fandom is pretty rare and they have been bullied by the haters for liking the season.
    • NegaiShipping Fandom - It means Ash x Iris. Shipping wars are incredibly rare due to how hated the Black & White seasons are.
  16. What Am I Fighting For?! Ironic Fandom - This fandom is too obscure to have its own page.
  17. Santa Claus Fandom and Hatedom - Could be controversial.
  18. The DeviantArt Community - Controversial reasoning.
  19. The Fetish Art Community - Ditto. Also, fetish art is a very touchy subject to even discuss and would be kink shaming.
  20. Chris-Chan/Sonichu Fandom and Hatedom - A-logging.
  21. Riley The Wander Over Yonder & Regular Show Guy Fandom and Hatedom - Ditto.
  22. Laxchris Fandom and Hatedom - This would probably cause a-logging so it's best not to talk about it for now. Even though the hatedom is right about him posting "leaks" non-stop.
  23. Overrated Hatedom/"Overrated" As An Excuse - Controversial reasoning and it would create bias.
  24. Basement Dwellers - Controversial reasons since we're talking about these kinds of people.
  25. Miraheze Hatedom - It would make us look like we can't handle criticism or hate.
  26. The Crossover Community and the Anti-Crossover Community - All it would do is start drama and flame wars, so no.
  27. The Pooh's Adventures Community and the Anti-Pooh's Adventures Community - Ditto.
  28. Cut Man Fandom - An actual page about this fandom is forbidden. The article here was made as a joke.
  29. Warren Cook Hatedom - Hasn't been really active in a long time, so it's just beating a dead horse.
  30. Memy9909 Hatedom - Same reason with the Warren Cook Hatedom.
  31. White People Hatedom, Black People Hatedom, Brown People and Yellow People Hatedom - Too controversial.
  32. Fred and the Nature Gang Ironic Fandom - There's only one person in this fandom, and we all know it's fake.
  33. Countries, religions, cities, ideologies, ethnicities/races, sexual orientations, gender identities or anything from real life as fandoms - Controversial reasoning. Also they don't qualify as fandoms.
  34. Social Justice Warriors - Already on Rotten Websites Wiki.
  35. Any character fandoms related to The Lion King/The Lion Guard - Pointless, flooded the wiki, and already covered under The Lion King Fandom and Hatedom.
  36. Anything Related to Mario Fan Games Galaxy - Troll feeding, massive flame and edit wars and controversial reasoning.
  37. Color TV Game-15 Fandom - Too obscure for this wiki.
  38. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Fandom - Not toxic enough to be in this wiki.
  39. Peluchin Entertainment Hatedom - They have a good reason to why they hate that animal abuser.
    • SuperMarioLogan Fandom and Hatedom - Controversial reasoning and because of flame and edit wars, and SML is an extremely touchy subject to discuss in general.
  40. Goosebumps Fandom - Too obscure to be on this wiki.
  41. Dr.Seuss Fandom - Same reasons as Kobe Bryant and Stan Lee Fandoms.
  42. The ASMR Community - Weird reasoning.
  43. Brock (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom - His community’s pretty balanced and not as bad when compared to other characters from the Pokémon anime and games.
  44. Hatedoms Related to Philias (EX. Pedophilia, Incest, etc.) - They have good reasons to hate this disgusting stuff.
  45. Communism Hatedom/Anti-Communism - A lot of people have good reasons to hate this failed ideology.
  46. Andrew Jackson Fandom and Hatedom - Controversial reasoning.
  47. Stan Lee Fandom - Dead Disrespecting.
  48. Infogrames/Atari Fandom - Not toxic. Atari is a good and important company in gaming, despite Infogrames maybe being bad enough already as well as Atari during 2003 until the announcement of the Atari VCS.
  49. AtGames Fandom - Same as the Infogrames/Atari Fandom.
  50. Olga (Dexter’s Laboratory) Fandom - Just because of awful ships doesn't mean that the entire fandom is toxic.
  51. Superman 64 Ironic Fandom - This probably is too neutral to even be here, since it’s not that hyping.
  52. FoodFight! Hatedom and Fandom - The hatedom is too nice, neutral fandom.
  53. Boogie2988 Fandom - He has a reasonable and healthy fandom so it's not toxic.
  54. WatchMojo Fandom - Same reason as Boogie2988. The only thing this fandom stems is from YouTube comments, and they know the flaws.
  55. Libertarianism Fandom - They have good reasons to defend their ideology.
  56. Porn/Rule 34/NSFW/Hentai Fandom and Hatedom - Controversial reasoning and (obviously) way too NSFW. The hatedom, on the other hand, is too controversial to be here like the fandom, since some are SJWs who attack those that like porn.
  57. Anything related to The LGBT Community - Controversial reasoning, and would make us look like homophobes.
  58. Shädman Fandom - Way too NSFW for this wiki.
  59. YandereDev Fandom and Hatedom - Controversial reasoning and to prevent any further drama from ensuing from both the fanbase and the hatebase.
  60. Neutraldoms - People who are neutral on things aren't toxic in general. And this wiki is about fandoms and hatedoms, not neutraldoms.
  61. Super Smash Bros. (Video Game) Fandom - When it comes to the Super Smash Bros. 64 community, they're the least toxic part of the Super Smash Bros. Fandom.
  62. Cardi B Fandom - They will call us racist things if they find a page of them on the wiki.
  63. Bringing Back Characters from the Dead for Their Popularity - Controversial reasoning.
  64. Anything Related to Eddsworld - They're barely toxic nowadays.
  65. Gamers! Fandom and Hatedom - Not toxic enough to be on this wiki despite few fetish arts and rule 34 arts as they stop making new disgusting drawings and keep those kind of drawings to themselves in private and not trying show them to public.
  66. Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball) Fandom - Her fandom is quite small, and they don’t get all angry when people say they hate Chi-Chi.
  67. Iris and Lillie (Pokémon) Fandom - Lillie and Iris seem to be the only female leads that don’t have toxic fans.
  68. Internet Troll Website Communities - The community of these websites will definitely attack or ridicule anyone who makes an article about their website.
    • The Encyclopedia Dramatica Community - Although they already made a page about the Reception Wiki Network in November, we're still not making one.
    • The Kiwi Farms Community - Same reason as above.
  69. Zero x Iris Fandom - They're pretty civil for the most part.
  70. Bass x Roll Fandom - Ditto.
  71. Axl (Mega Man) Fandom - He's one of the few Mega Man characters that thankfully doesn't have a toxic fandom.
  72. Futanari/Dickgirl/Cuntboy Fandom - Way too NSFW.
  73. Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Hatedom and Fandom - Way too NSFW.
  74. Any pages created by certain trolls/vandals - All of them are pretty self-explanatory for obvious reasons.
    • Wiki Hate Pages in General - This was a common act that trolls and vandals did before the admins became active once again here.
  75. The Emoji Movie Fandom - Although rare, there might be some fans who disrespect opinions on whoever hates The Emoji Movie, but it's not completely their fault because they've been attacked and bullied a lot of haters too much.
  76. Good Burger Ironic Fandom - Too obscure to be on this wiki.
  77. Pokémon X and Y Fandom and Hatedom - The only Pokémon game not to have a toxic enough fandom nor hatedom for this wiki thankfully.
  78. Anything Related to Abortion - Abortion is a hot button topic that's hard to be truly objective about and also way too political. Thus it's banned here now no exceptions.
  79. Mar9122 Hatedom (Both toxic and healthy portions) - For his old YouTube career, the past is the past. Encyclopædia Dramatica creating that article of him was actually one of their few heroic and altruistic acts committed. The hatedom has garnered safe members and nowadays they have logical reasons so, it's best for him be forgotten, for now, due to his adulthood.
  80. Back at the Barnyard Ironic Fandom and Hatedom - They aren’t really everywhere in the meme community nowadays and the fandom and hatedom can respect opinions and can have their own reasons as to why they like or hate this show.
  81. School/College Hatedom - Controversial reasoning. The only things that have good reasons to be hated on are famously failed attempts at education, illegal field trips and tropes such as favoritism and racism, which will require a wiki of their own.
  82. Chris McLean (Total Drama) Hatedom - The Total Drama fans have the right to hate this piece of douche for what he did to his contestants in the later seasons.
  83. Dr. Muto Fandom - The fandom is quite small and it's not toxic enough to be on this wiki.
  84. Trace (Metroid) Fandom - His fandom is too small and the toxic members for this fandom are almost nonexistent.
  85. The Sankaku Complex Community - Too Not Safe for Work for this wiki.
  86. The Pornhub Community - Extremely NSFW.
  87. The Honey Select Community - Same reason as Pornhub Community.
  88. Donkey Kong Country (TV Series) Hatedom - Nowadays, a lot of haters are hard to find since they get overshadowed by their memetic counterparts. Plus, they are right that the show is bad.
  89. The Flowgo Community - The community's been dead for years so there's no need for a page. The terrible Flash series itself doesn't belong here.
  90. The Geocities Community - There's no need for such a page, as the website closed years ago.
  91. The Video Game Music Community - Controversial reasoning.
  92. Sugar Hatedom - Controversial reasoning. Plus, they are right that sugar can harm health.
  93. Tax/Debt Hatedom and Fandom - Controversial reasoning.
  94. Gun Fandom - Not a legitimate fandom. Their denying only belongs to the Deniers/Conspiracy Community.
  95. Parents Hatedom - Could be considered a controversial reasoning. Plus, they do point out that some parents are bad.
  96. Serial Killers Hatedom/Anti-Serial Killers - Do we need to explain, they can hate them since they committed murder!
  97. Anti-Slavery/Slavery Hatedom - You should know why...
  98. Klu Klux Klan Hatedom - No explanation needed.
  99. Yellow Devil (Mega Man) Hatedom and Ironic Fandom - Too netural to be on either wiki.
  100. Anything related to the (Facebook/Instagram) Art Community - Controversial reasoning.
  101. Nemao Fandom and Hatedom - It would be controversial.
  102. The Fun Shitposting Wiki Community - Nope. May potentially cause more drama if a page was made, it’s literally satire for the sake of satire!
  103. Gabby (Max Fleischer’s Gulliver’s Travels) Fandom and Hatedom - The fandom is quite small and rare to find and the hatedom has good reasons to dislike Gabby.
  104. Engineer (Team Fortress 2) Fandom and Hatedom - Aside from the pointless memes they make, he’s the only TF2 character that doesn't have a toxic fandom.
  105. Monster Kid (Undertale) Fandom - He's the only Undertale character that doesn't have a toxic fandom.
  106. GLL Fandom - If you heard of the Mar9122 controversy, you should know why.
  107. HORSE SIX ZERO Fandom - The same can be said with the GLL Fandom.
  108. Anti-Holocaust Deniers - We don't need to explain.
  109. Chicken Little (Disney) Fandom/Defenders - While they can get on your nerves if you tell them that you don’t like the film, they aren’t really toxic enough to be on this wiki unlike the hatedom is.
  110. Nepgear (Hyperdimension Neptunia) Fandom - Despite Nepgear being the most popular Neptunia character, ironically enough, her fandom isn't really toxic enough to be on this wiki unlike her big sister Neptune's fandom. Most of the Nepgear fans are nice and mature. Plus, they're even right that she's awesome.
  111. Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) Hatedom - They do have a valid point that Gabriel is an abusive father who never cares about his son and treats his son like an absolute employee and some see this as unacceptable and diabolical behavior. Origins and Cat Blanc proved this.
  112. Anything Related to Yaoi/Yuri - Controversial reasoning and would make us look homophobic.
  113. ThunderCats Roar Hatedom - They used to be toxic before, but when the series finally came out they became reasonable and have good reason to hate the series.
  114. Illegal Streamers - There are some people who go on sites such as kissanime who still support industries regardless, making this disputed.

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