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About This Wiki

Welcome to the Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki! Not all fandoms, hatedoms and communities are perfect. Nothing is perfect. In fact, were you ever bothered or annoyed by any unlikable fandoms, hatedoms or communities in your whole life? And were you ever a victim of any of their toxic acts such as cyberbullying, trolling, being called out with insults, opinion disrespecting or circle-jerking? Then this wiki is the right place for you to enjoy.

Please note that this site is not affiliated to other reception wikis such as the Mainline Reception Wikis (e.g. Crappy Games Wiki) nor The Outcast Network (e.g Atrocious YouTubers Wiki), as we're entitled to be in our own network called The Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki Database.

You can find all the pages in this link.

See the full rules here.

Basic Rules

  1. Due to a terrible history of heavy vandalism, new users can no longer edit. In order to edit, you must send a request to an admin via private message and they will give you the confirmed user right.
  2. Make sure to use the words "Fandom" or "Hatedom" when naming an article. Also, if a fandom or hatedom is mostly good, add "(Toxic Portion)" next to which side is mostly good.
    • If you make a page of a character's fandom and/or hatedom, you must always include the media of origin to avoid confusion with characters bearing the same names (EX. Red (Angry Birds) and Red (Pokémon)) or similar names (EX. Hopper (A Bug's Life) and Hop (Pokémon)).
  3. The main headings for a Fandom/Hatedom are Why It's Toxic Why They're Toxic, and the Why Half of the Fandom/Hatedom is Toxic. Please don’t use the WHY THEY SUCK SO HARD! nor the Why It's VERY EXTREMELY TOXIC!! at the headings of a page where the fandom/hatedom is really toxic because it’s deemed immature and more of a hate page (meaning that you don't use red, bold and underlined text in all caps on the headings). If they're not counted as a fandom or a hatedom, don't include the words "Fandom" and "Hatedom"
  4. If a fandom or hatedom isn't really that bad, obnoxious, mean spirited, or annoying, it can't be on here. It should go on our sister wikiHF&HW instead.
  5. Don't remove any information from articles unless you have a good reason to.
  6. Any forms of drama, flame, cyberbullying, threats or harassment of any kind to users will not be tolerated and will most likely get an IP block. You may use your own talk page to appeal to your ban.
  7. Profanity is legal as long as you don't abuse it so please don't censor anything except for slurs.
    • Refrain from language and actions that put others down on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, or any other reason.
  8. Please use proper grammar and good English so that it is understandable.
  9. Be sure to add at least one image when you or someone else create a page, if possible. If you use fanart, then be sure to credit the artist. You can add more than one image if you want to, but it's up to you.
  10. Do not create any blank, TBA, incomplete or coming soon pages. You may use your sandbox to create drafts for pages. Remember that if you make an official page, be sure to have at least 7 detailed bullet points. Failure to meet the requirements will likely have those pages deleted and/or moved to the page creators' sandbox since it is considered "incomplete".
    • Speaking of which, please do not add TBA or coming soon under the Why It's Toxic and the Why They're Toxic or Why Half of the Fandom is Toxic section.
  11. If you're a member of any of the fandoms or hatedoms on this wiki, then please try to understand why we’re criticizing them for all the good reasons.
  12. If something has both a bad fandom and hatedom please put them on one page.
  13. Do NOT overuse emojis, red text, bold words and underlined words in articles (some bold words, underlined words red fonts are allowed in articles but others are not), as that seems childish, immature, biased, unprofessional and overdramatic.
  14. Do not edit other people's user pages, only edit yours unless you have permission from them.
  15. Remember: fandoms, hatedoms or communities do not dictate the quality of a product.
  16. You will always be able to argue about your block on your own talk page unless what you did was unforgivable.
  17. Joke captions are allowed as long as it doesn't offend people.
  18. No plagiarism.
  19. Be respectful and don't be prejudiced.
  20. You may replace the “Why It’s Toxic” and the "Redeeming Qualities" headings with jokes as long as it’s fitting for the article. However, this is completely optional.
  21. No vandalism of any sort.
  22. No attack/biased articles.
  23. No necroposting. This means that if there is a discussion that has been inactive for more than a month or is resolved, please don't revive or reopen said topic as that's an act of gravedigging.
  24. Please don't use the terms "ENOUGH SAID", "LET THAT SINK IN", "THEY WORSHIP IT", "BASH", "BIG TIME", and "DISRESPECT OPINIONS" on wiki pages as it gets really annoying. Using those will get a warning.
  25. Do not call everything a fandom, examples include religions and countries since they aren't fandoms.
  26. Do not add in the redeeming qualities section for fandoms and hatedoms that they are against bad things like terrorism, racism or sexism since it isn't enough to be redeemed unless it has something to do with those topics.
  27. If possible, be sure to add the comments section when creating an article.
  28. Please lessen the usage of cliché pointers and cliché words as they get really repetitive. Use this blog as a guide to refrain from using the same pointers on every page on this wiki.
    • Adding any banned phrases will get you blocked for 1 day without a warning since it encourages opinion lashing towards the readers of this wiki.
      • If users continue to add these types of phrases after they've been blocked once, the next block time will be extended, following the ban policy below.
      • The same penalty will apply to the users who add this reason: "However, the reason why we added the "Opinions that really deserve disrespecting" category is because this fandom/hatedom has very serious issues that we just couldn't handle and tolerate" since it just adds more bias to the wiki.
  29. Don't close or open a discussion thread by an administrator unless if they give consent. Violating this law will incur a block.
  30. Do not undo an admin's edit (this will result in a 2-hour timeout without warning). If you must undo an edit by an admin, please ask their permission first before you undo the edit.
  31. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, ask the admins for their consent first. If your suggestion proves to be useful, they'll create it for you.
  32. Parents, if you have any questions, please contact a staff member on their message wall.
  33. Gaslighting is not allowed at all. Gaslighting is where someone attempts to put doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, and/or judgment. This is manipulation.
  34. You are not allowed to do flaming here. Flaming is the online act of posting insults, often laced with profanity or other offensive languages on social networking sites.
  35. Mentions of self-harm or suicidal thoughts may not get the results you wanted. If you have suicidal thoughts, the wiki is not the place to get help, as we are not therapists. Seek professional help instead. You are allowed of course, to vent if you want to. But we recommend getting help from someone who knows how to deal with these things very well.
  36. Do not try to shame someone for going through a very traumatic event to be funny. (Example: "Haha Isabelle lost her cat! I bet it sucked all your life away!").
  37. Do not create sockpuppets. This means creating multiple accounts to avoid a ban or cause problems on the wiki. Sockpuppets may be blocked permanently. Having multiple accounts is allowed as long as you are abiding by the rules and admins are notified of who owns the account.'
  38. However, if more than one person has the same ip address, this does not instantly mean they are sockpuppeting.
  39. Do not attempt to dox anyone. Doxxing is when you search for someone's personal information without their consent. This will result in an infinite block.
  40. Photos containing blood/gore, suggestive content, or offensive content are prohibited and will result in a block.
  41. Pages on fetish fandoms or fetish pointers in general are not allowed due to being considered kink-shaming.
    • Kink shaming is not allowed whatsoever. Shaming someone for their kinks will result in a permanent ban.
  42. Do not attempt to sell anything to anyone on this wiki. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered scamming and will result in a permanent block. We understand you may have a job online where you sell things, but take that somewhere else. We apologize.
  43. Please do not ask others for personal information. This includes asking for ages, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, birth certificates, locations, name(s), etc. Sharing personal information is prohibited and will result in a block. Sharing certain information, such as your age, and name(s) is allowed and is an optional choice.
  44. Also do not try to shame anyone for where they live if they choose to say it (Example: "You live in London? That place is utter garbage!").
  45. Do not try to raid other wikis. Even though this wiki is for criticizing fandoms and hatedoms, you must remain civil around them and don't try to raid other wikis on Miraheze or FANDOM. (Example: "let's raid the Undertale wiki! They can't stop all of us.")
  46. Please refrain from engaging in cross-wiki drama. This is when a user brings drama-related issues from other wikis onto this wiki. Issues pertaining to other communities, including bans, wiki changes, or arguments must be handled on the appropriate wiki. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a block.
  47. Necroposting after multiple warnings will result in a block. This is when a user continues to post on threads over 30 days old. This rule does not apply to message wall threads.
  48. Do not add false information into articles, be sure to provide links for evidence in pointers.
  49. (For Admins) Do not ban users for personal reasons.

If you break the rules...

  • First time: you're given a warning.
  • Second time: you're blocked for 1 day.
  • Third time: you're blocked for 3 days.
  • Fourth time: you're blocked for 1 week.
  • Fifth time: you're blocked for 1 month.
  • Sixth time: you're blocked for 1 year.
  • Seventh time: you're kicked out from this wiki.

Have fun, and remember, follow these rules!

  1. Anything that is already on Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms (unless there's a toxic portion of them) - We don't need to provide a lengthy explanation of this. It's pretty obvious that any fandom, hatedom or community that's not toxic enough should go to the sister wiki instead of this one.
  2. The Furry Community - We would sound like rabid anti-furries.
  3. The Miraheze Community and the Anti-Miraheze Community - May potentially cause drama and make Miraheze look corrupt if a page was made and we would be contradicting ourselves for obvious reasons. Plus, it would make us look like we can't handle criticism and hate if a page about the hatedom was recreated.
  4. Wanting Unlikely Characters in Super Smash Bros. - It seems like that this page is making us think that we can't take a joke. Even though some do it unironically, most people do it as a joke, so it's best not to.
  5. Any Pages Related to Memes Specifically (EX. Ugandan Knuckles, Area 51, Bowsette, Big Chungus, Weegee, Is that a JoJo refrence?, etc. Hate Memes are the only exception.) - They make us look like we can't handle jokes.
  6. Any Pages Related to Wiki Users - Might encourage a-logging, cyberbullying, harassment, and drama. Plus, it makes it sound as if these users are narcissistic (in the fandom's case) or the fact that they can't handle hate or criticism (for hatedom's case).
  7. Joke Fandoms/Hatedoms (EX. Shrek fandom, Bidoof fandom, Shaggy Rogers fandom, Roshan/Ice Age Baby hatedom, etc.) - No matter how good or bad they are pointless to make a page out of, they clog up the wiki, and on top of that, they make us look like we can't handle jokes.
    • Mega Man (Ruby-Spears) Ironic Fandom - We would be beating a dead horse if this page were to be created since they're barely active nowadays.
  8. Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Fandom and Hatedom - The hatedom is way too obscure to be on this wiki. The fandom, on the other hand, qualifies as a joke fandom since this game is intentionally meant to be bad.
  9. Any Fandoms of Deceased People (EX. Kobe Bryant, Stan Lee, Dr. Seuss, etc.) - It's considered disrespecting the dead if we say their fans are toxic.
  10. Anything related to politics - Controversial reasoning and were responsible for the "anarchy-state" of this wiki.
  11. Non-Muslims Hatedom - Controversial reasoning and too much of a complicated topic to discuss.
  12. Godwin's Law Hatedom - We don't need to explain since you should know why.
  13. Pokémon the Series: Black & White Fandom - The fandom is pretty rare and they have been bullied by the haters for liking the season.
    • NegaiShipping Fandom - It means Ash x Iris. Shipping wars are incredibly rare due to how hated the Black & White seasons are.
  14. What Am I Fighting For?! Ironic Fandom - This fandom is too obscure to have its own page.
  15. Santa Claus Fandom and Hatedom - Could be controversial.
  16. The e621 Community - Extremely NSFW and the site itself is already controversial.
  17. The Fetish Art Community - Fetish art and fetishes overall are a controversial topic, and would be kink shaming.
  18. Laxchris Fandom and Hatedom - This would probably cause a-logging so it's best not to talk about it for now. Even though the hatedom is right about him posting "leaks" non-stop.
  19. Overrated Hatedom/Hating Something Because It's "Overrated" - It would create bias.
  20. Basement Dwellers - Controversial reasons since we're talking about these kinds of people.
  21. The Crossover Community - Could cause flame wars and drama.
  22. The Pooh's Adventures Community - Ditto.
  23. Warren Cook Hatedom - Hasn't been really active in a long time, so it's just beating a dead horse.
  24. Memy9909 Hatedom - Same reason with the Warren Cook Hatedom.
  25. Fred and the Nature Gang Ironic Fandom - There's only one person in this fandom, and we all know it's fake.
  26. Social Justice Warriors - Already on Rotten Websites Wiki.
  27. Obsessive Anti-SJWs - Ditto.
  28. Anything Related to Mario Fan Games Galaxy - Troll feeding, massive flame and edit wars and controversial reasoning.
  29. Color TV Game-15 Fandom - Too obscure for this wiki.
  30. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Fandom - Not toxic enough to be in this wiki.
  31. Goosebumps (franchise) Fandom - Too obscure to be on this wiki.
  32. The ASMR Community - Weird reasoning.
  33. Brock (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom - His community’s pretty balanced and not as bad when compared to other characters from the Pokémon anime and games.
  34. Hatedoms Related to Philias (EX. Pedophilia, Incest, etc.) - They have good reasons to hate this disgusting stuff (except for fetishes, which is kink shaming).
  35. Porn/Rule 34/NSFW/Hentai Fandom - Controversial reasoning and anti-free speech.
  36. Anything related to The LGBT Community - Would make us look like homophobes.
  37. Neutraldoms - People who are neutral on things aren't toxic in general. And this wiki is about fandoms and hatedoms, not neutraldoms.
  38. Super Smash Bros. (video game) Fandom - When it comes to the Super Smash Bros. 64 community, they're the least toxic part of the Super Smash Bros. Fandom.
  39. Cardi B Fandom - They will call us racist things if they find a page of them on the wiki.
  40. Bringing Back Characters from the Dead for Their Popularity - Controversial reasoning.
  41. Internet Troll Website Communities and Groups - Troll feeding.
  42. Vyond Groups - Covered under The Vyond Community.
  43. Any pages created by certain trolls/vandals - All of them are pretty self-explanatory for obvious reasons.
    • Wiki Hate Pages in General - This was a common act that trolls and vandals did before the admins became active once again here.
  44. Good Burger Ironic Fandom - Too obscure to be on this wiki.
  45. Anything Related to Abortion - Abortion is a hot button topic that's hard to be truly objective about and also way too political. Thus it's banned here now no exceptions.
  46. Mar9122 Hatedom - Gravedigging.
  47. School/College Hatedom - Controversial reasoning. The only things that have good reasons to be hated on are famously failed attempts at education, illegal field trips and tropes such as favoritism and racism.
  48. Dr. Muto Fandom - The fandom is quite small and it's not toxic enough to be on this wiki.
  49. The Honey Select Community - Same reason as Pornhub Community.
  50. The Flowgo Community - The community's been dead for years so there's no need for a page. The terrible Flash series itself doesn't belong here.
  51. The Geocities Community - There's no need for such a page, as the website closed years ago.
  52. Sugar Hatedom - Controversial reasoning. Plus, they are right that sugar can harm health.
  53. Tax/Debt Hatedom and Fandom - Controversial reasoning.
  54. Gun Fandom - Not a legitimate fandom. Their denying only belongs to the Deniers/Conspiracy Community.
  55. Parents Hatedom - Could be considered a controversial reasoning. Plus, they do point out that some parents are bad.
  56. Yellow Devil (Mega Man) Hatedom and Ironic Fandom - Too netural to be on either wiki.
  57. Anything related to the (Facebook/Instagram) Art Community - Controversial reasoning.
  58. Nemao Fandom and Hatedom - It would be controversial.
  59. Chicken Little (Disney) Fandom/Defenders - While they can get on your nerves if you tell them that you don’t like the film, they aren’t really toxic enough to be on this wiki unlike the hatedom is.
  60. Anything Related to Yaoi/Yuri - Controversial reasoning and would make us look homophobic.
  61. Illegal Streamers - There are some people who go on sites such as kissanime who still support industries regardless, making this disputed.
  62. Futuristic Hub Fandom and Hatedom - Miraheze staff requests.
  63. Anything Related to Real-Life Animals - The problem is that the reasoning of these pages are quite bizarre and discriminates against people. This would makes us seem as if the wiki has a de facto policy of favoring certain people and animals over others. No matter what, pages centered around them can never be efficient.
  64. Colonialism Fandom and Hatedom - Extremely inflammatory to talk about here.
  65. Dillon The Hacker Fandom and Hatedom - This would probably cause drama and flame wars, and would also count as disrespecting Dillon's death if we say his fans are toxic, so it's best that we not talk about him anymore due to his passing.
  66. Greeny Phatom Fandom and Hatedom - Both sides are way too obscure to be on this wiki and they would just encourage drama and flame wars. The same reasons apply to the series' spin-offs and parodies such as Gree City, Geo's World, World of Jake, Magic-Mario's World, World of Timmy, etc.
  67. Anything related to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (the Giorno Giovanna, Golden Wind, and the Jonathan Joestar hatedoms are the only exceptions) - Covered under the main page.
  68. The Black Lives Matter Community - Controversial reasoning. Also political. Has a page on Rotten Websites Wiki too.
    • George Floyd Fandom and Hatedom - Ditto.
    • Colin Kaepernick Fandom and Hatedom -Ditto

These are the people who are currently managing this wiki, contact them for any question.



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