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Welcome to the Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki! We are a PG-13, LGBTQ+ safe zone and diversity-friendly wiki.

Here, you can make pages about toxic fandoms and hatedoms, talk in the Discord and discussion posts, create blog posts, upload images and videos, and more. Before you edit, comment, use the Discord, or discuss, please be sure to read our Guidelines below. Please note that our community is in compliance with Miraheze's ToU.

General Guidelines

  1. You must be at least 13 years old in order to have an account. Anyone who is revealed to be 12 or under will be blocked until their 13th birthday.
  2. Due to a terrible history of heavy vandalism, new users can no longer edit. In order to edit, you must send a request to an admin via private message and they will give you the confirmed user right.
  3. Make sure to use the words "Fandom" or "Hatedom" when naming an article. Also, if a fandom or hatedom is mostly good, add "(Toxic Portion)" next to which is mostly good.
    • If you make a page of a character's fandom and/or hatedom, you must always include the media of origin to avoid confusion with characters bearing similar names.
  4. The main headings for a Fandom/Hatedom are Why This Fandom Is Toxic, Why This Hatedom is Toxic, Why Both Of These Are Toxic, and the Why Half Of The Fandom is Toxic. Please don’t use the WHY THEY SUCK SO HARD! nor the Why It's VERY EXTREMELY TOXIC!! at the headings of a page where the fandom/hatedom is really toxic because it’s deemed immature and more of a hate page (meaning that you don't use red, bold and underlined text in all caps on the headings). If they're not counted as a fandom or a hatedom, don't include the words "Fandom" and "Hatedom"
  5. If a fandom or hatedom isn't really that bad, obnoxious, mean spirited, or annoying, it can't be on here. It should go on our sister wikiHF&HW instead.
  6. Don't remove any information from articles unless you have a good reason to.
  7. Any forms of drama, flame, cyberbullying, threats or harassment of any kind to users will not be tolerated and will most likely get an IP block. You may use your own talk page to appeal to your ban.
  8. Profanity is legal as long as you don't abuse it so please don't censor anything except for slurs.
    • Refrain from language and actions that put others down on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, or any other reason.
  9. Please use proper grammar and good English so that it is understandable.
  10. Be sure to add at least one image when you or someone else create a page, if possible. If you use fanart, then be sure to credit the artist. You can add more than one image if you want to, but it's up to you.
  11. Do not create any blank, TBA, incomplete or coming soon pages. You may use your sandbox to create drafts for pages. Remember that if you make an official page, be sure to have at least 5 detailed bullet points. Failure to meet the requirements will likely have those pages deleted and/or moved to the page creators' sandbox since it is considered "incomplete".
    • Speaking of which, please do not add TBA or coming soon under the Why This Fandom Is Toxic, Why This Hatedom is Toxic, and the Why Both Of These Are Toxic & Why Half Of The Fandom is Toxic section.
  12. If you are a member of any of the fandoms or hatedoms on this wiki, then please try to understand why we’re criticizing them for all the good reasons.
  13. If something has both a bad fandom and hatedom please put them on one page.
  14. Do NOT overuse emojis, red text, bold words and underlined words in articles (some bold words, underlined words red fonts are allowed in articles but others are not), as that seems childish, immature, unprofessional and overly dramatic.
  15. Do not edit other people's user pages, only edit yours unless you have permission from them.
  16. Remember: fandoms, hatedoms or communities do not dictate the quality of a product.
  17. You will always be able to argue about your block on your own talk page unless what you did was unforgivable.
  18. Joke captions are allowed as long as it doesn't offend people.
  19. No plagiarism.
  20. Be respectful and don't be prejudiced.
  21. You may replace the “Why It’s Toxic” and the "Redeeming Qualities" headings with jokes as long as it is fitting for the article.
  22. No vandalism of any sort.
  23. No attack/biased articles.
  24. No necroposting. This means that if there is a discussion that has been inactive for more than a month or is resolved, please don't revive or reopen said topic as that's an act of gravedigging. Continuing to do this after multiple warnings will result in a block.
  25. Please don't use the terms "ENOUGH SAID", "LET THAT SINK IN", "THEY WORSHIP IT", "BASH", "BIG TIME", "WORSE THAN HITLER", and "DISRESPECT OPINIONS" on wiki pages as it gets really annoying. Using those will get a warning.
  26. Do not call everything a fandom, examples include religions and countries since they aren't fandoms.
  27. Do not add the redeeming qualities for fandoms and hatedoms that they are against bad things like terrorism, racism or sexism since it isn't enough to be redeemed unless it has something to do with those topics.
  28. If possible, be sure to add the comments section when creating an article.
  29. Please lessen the usage of cliché pointers and cliché words as they get really repetitive. Use this blog as a guide to refrain from using the same pointers on every page on this wiki.
    • Adding any banned phrases will get you blocked for 1 day without a warning since it encourages opinion lashing towards the readers of this wiki.
      • If users continue to add these types of phrases after they've been blocked once, the next block time will be extended, following the ban policy below.
      • The same penalty will apply to the users who add this reason: "However, the reason why we added the "Opinions that really deserve disrespecting" category is because this fandom/hatedom has very serious issues that we just couldn't handle and tolerate" since it just adds more bias to the wiki.
  30. Don't close or open a discussion thread by an administrator unless if they give consent. Violating this law will incur a block.
  31. Do not undo an admin's edit (this will result in a 2-hour timeout without warning). If you must undo an edit by an admin, please ask their permission first before you undo the edit.
  32. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, ask the admins for their consent first. If your suggestion proves to be useful, they'll create it for you.
  33. Parents, if you have any questions, please contact a staff member on their message wall.
  34. Gas-lighting is not allowed at all. Gas-lighting is where someone attempts to put doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, and/or judgment. This is manipulation.
  35. You are not allowed to do flaming here. Flaming is the online act of posting insults, often laced with profanity or other offensive languages on social networking sites.
  36. Mentions of self-harm or suicidal thoughts may not get the results you wanted. If you have suicidal thoughts, the wiki is not the place to get help, as we are not therapists. Seek professional help instead. You are allowed of course, to vent if you want to. But we recommend getting help from someone who knows how to deal with these things very well.
  37. Do not try to shame someone for going through a very traumatic event to be funny. (Example: "Haha Isabelle lost her cat! I bet it sucked all your life away!").
  38. Do not create sockpuppets. This means creating multiple accounts to avoid a ban or cause problems on the wiki. Sockpuppets may be blocked permanently. Having multiple accounts is allowed as long as you are abiding by the rules and admins are notified of who owns the account.'
  39. However, if more than one person has the same ip address, this does not instantly mean they are sockpuppeting.
  40. Do not attempt to dox anyone. Doxxing is when you search for someone's personal information without their consent. This will result in an infinite block.
  41. Photos containing blood/gore, suggestive content, or offensive content are prohibited and will result in a block.
  42. Do not attempt to sell anything to anyone on this wiki. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered scamming and will result in a permanent block. We understand you may have a job online where you sell things, but take that somewhere else. We apologize.
  43. Please do not ask others for personal information. This includes asking for ages, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, birth certificates, locations, name(s), etc. Sharing personal information is prohibited and will result in a block. Sharing certain information, such as your age, and name(s) is allowed and is an optional choice.
  44. Also do not try to shame anyone for where they live if they choose to say it (Example: "You live in London? That place is utter garbage!").
  45. Do not try to raid other wikis. Even though this wiki is for criticizing fandoms and hatedoms, you must remain civil around them and don't try to raid other wikis on Miraheze or FANDOM. (Example: "let's raid the Undertale wiki! They can't stop all of us.")
  46. Please refrain from engaging in cross-wiki drama. This is when a user brings drama-related issues from other wikis onto this wiki. Issues pertaining to other communities, including bans, wiki changes, or arguments must be handled on the appropriate wiki. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a block.
  47. Kink-shaming is not allowed whatsoever. Shaming someone for their kinks will result in a ban for life.
  48. Pages on fetish fandoms or fetish pointers in general are not allowed due to being considered kink-shaming.

Bullying and Discrimination

  1. Be careful with your words. Bullying/harassment is prohibited and will result in a block.
  2. Discrimination against others will result in a block. This includes but not limited to discriminating against people's Race, Gender, Skin Color, Sex, Ethnicity, City of Origin, Country of Origin, Region of Origin, Age, Class, Height, Sexual Preference/Orientation, Romantic Orientation, Disabilities, Abilities, Mental Conditions, Diseases, Neurodiversity, Religion(s), Irreligion(s), Beliefs, Pronouns, Hairstyle, Eye Color(s), Name, Combo of Identities, Genotype, Looks, Clothing, Voice(s), Accent(s), Language(s), Culture, Subculture, Intersectional Identities, Caste, Personality, Hearing, Eyesight, etc.
  3. Users partaking in hate groups or hate speech that especially violates the Guidelines (Such as Neo-Nazis, Fascists, Ultranationalists, Gender Criticals, Xenophobes, Homophobes, TERFs, SWERFs, Confederates, etc) will be permanently blocked.'
  4. The promotion of self-harm or harm towards others will result in a permanent block. This includes telling users to "kill themselves" or threatening to harm others.
  5. Controversial topics, such as religion or politics, may be removed. This is to avoid people getting into heated arguments. You may talk about them as long as you are being civil.
  6. If a user says they are uncomfortable with a certain photo/subject, you must remove the photo and/or stop talking about that certain subject. Do not continue talking about it and move on to something else.
  7. Please do not try to force/manipulate any user into doing something for your own personal gain.
  8. You also cannot attempt to lower someone's self esteem by making "edgy jokes" just for the sake of it. If they told you to stop, you have to.
  9. Do not address a user's sexuality, romantic orientation, gender identity, etc as a “phase.”
  10. You cannot make arguments that you can reclaim slurs (example: I’m black so I can say the N-word, I’m gay so I can say the F word, etc)
  11. You cannot post photos of people using blackface, yellowface, or any other discriminatory thing that is used to mock other races.
  12. You cannot use anything that mocks people based on looks. Some people do indeed have facial structures like that and you aren't allowed to bully them for it.
  13. No, you cannot make fun of someone for being adopted or without a parent(s)/guardian(s). (Example: "HAHA YOU ARE ADOPTED").
  14. Hate symbols are not allowed here, even if its for "the meme".
  15. Jokes about sexual assault and abuse aren't allowed. Many people have had to deal with these things and you reminding them about these terrible events makes them feel unwelcome.
  16. No, you cannot refer to viruses and outbreaks as names used to discriminate. (Example: "Spanish flu, Chinese virus).
  17. You cannot force someone to try to "pass" as a gender. Let them be who they want to be, you don't control their lives.
  18. Outing is not allowed. This is where you reveal a closeted LGBTQ+ person's identity without their consent.
  19. Skip tracing, just like doxxing, is not allowed on this wiki. This also falls under the manipulation rule.
  20. Trans bashing and Gay-bashing is not allowed and falls under the discrimination rule. Trans bashing is the act of victimizing a person emotionally, physically, sexually, or verbally because they are transgender, and Gay bashing is an attack, abuse, or assault committed against a person who is perceived by the aggressor to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc.'
  21. Links to websites, such as The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, or Breitbart, known for active discrimination and far-right speech, is not allowed on this wiki.


  1. When addressing a user and it is unknown what their gender is, please use "They/them/theirs" pronouns, as it is the widely used gender-neutral pronoun.
  2. Users must be addressed by their biological pronouns.'
  3. If a user changes their pronoun(s), you must still refer them by their biological pronoun.
  4. Don’t call someone an ‘it’, as that is very transphobic and dehumanizing.


  1. A user is allowed to make a fake name(s) if they feel uncomfortable with sharing their real one(s).
  2. If someone changes their name(s), you cannot deadname them. Call them by the name they are comfortable with.
  3. If someone goes by any name, then call them whatever you want. Or even ask them for a name they can come up with, just to show that you understand.
  4. If someone wishes to use a persona/fursona/pokesona as they are uncomfortable to use anything else to describe themselves, let them do that.
  5. However, any names that are discriminatory words are not allowed. Use a different name in this scenario.
  6. Besides that, any name(s) is allowed. No limit to how long it/they have to be either.


  1. You cannot claim someone is making up having a disability for attention.
  2. If a user has DID, and someone else gains control, you must call that person by what they're really are.
  3. Regarding the sockpuppets rule, if a user with DID has other accounts for them all, that's hereby prohibited for account abuse.
  4. You cannot try to "fix" someone for a disorder or anything. This applies under the discrimination rule as ableism.
  5. Do not encourage a user to go to conversion therapy or any discriminatory place that uses pseudoscience to try to "fix" a person. You will be banned for trying to do this.
  6. If a user is autistic, do not use any outdated terms to refer to them.
  7. You cannot say anything such as "autistic screeching" to mock autistic people. This is considered ableism.
  8. You cannot shame someone for if they're unhealthily in a certain aspect such as body size.
  9. You cannot try to deal with someone with an eating disorder by claiming they are just "picky eaters" or "too hungry". Many people who are quote on quote "picky eaters" are that way because they can't handle many types of food. You cannot shame someone for this.
  10. Claiming any disability is a "cleaning disorder" is discriminatory and not allowed.
  11. Do not claim people with any disability just need to "calm down".
  12. You cannot bully people for tics they make.
  13. You can't mock people with speech impediments by raising your voice or doing things such as "hI GuYS ItS mE". This also includes things such as "REEEEE".
  14. You aren't allowed to claim someone doesn't have "enough" of a disability.
  15. Do not encourage people to get applied behavior analysis/support applied behavior analysis, this is an ableist practice that we here on this wiki do not support.

Religions + Irreligion

  1. Preaching is not allowed on this wiki.
  2. All religions and irreligions are allowed here and respected.
  3. You are allowed to talk about what religion(s) you believe in, but respect other people's beliefs.
  4. You are allowed to criticize religion(s), just don't attack the people who follow it.
  5. You are allowed to post religious symbols and such on your user profile.
  6. This wiki is a secular website meaning that it's officially neutral on the matter of religion. Endorsing or establishing a official religion or irreligion of this wiki is prohibited.
  7. You are not allowed to use religion(s) and/or irreligion(s) to discriminate against people.
  8. Don't try to force someone to join a/some religion(s) and/or irreligion(s) or force them out of ones they are already in.


  1. Please use the appropriate categories per page and keep grammar at decency when editing content. This means making sure to check for spelling errors, use proper punctuation, and keep information neat and readable for viewers. Do not create unnecessary categories that are not relevant to the topic/article. Failure to do so will result in you being prohibited from editing content in the future.
  2. Try to make pages from a factual stance. We understand if a fandom or hatedom has been very mean to you, but don't say something like "this fandom is very evil!”
  3. Do not make categories like "evil fandoms" or "stupid hatedoms", or categories for genders such as "female fandoms" or "boys hatedoms". You must address it from a gender-neutral standpoint.
  4. Vandalism is strictly prohibited and will result in a block. This includes inserting nonsense into pages, editing user content without permission, and removing relevant information from pages.
  5. Do not assume anything about a user. Calling them a mean person or a hacker on pages with no proof at all is not allowed.
  6. If a user wants their userpage to be deleted, it will be deleted. Contact an admin and show us the userpage of yours you want deleted (with proof you are that user), you don't need to provide a reason if you don't want to.
  7. Pages must not mention possibly traumatic events.
  8. When making a page, don't leave anything in it like "this page was made by Sarah!". This wiki is intended to be formal.
  9. Do not make more than one page for the same thing.


  1. Please do not beg for moderator/administrator/bureaucrat rights. These rights are based off of responsibility and frequent activity of the wiki. You can request rights, but harassing staff for them will result in a block.
  2. Minimodding is not allowed. This is when a user who is not a mod/admin/bureaucrat/rollback/etc, is trying to take authority of a staff role they do not acquire. Failure to follow this rule after multiple warnings will result in a block.
  3. Impersonation of others will result in a block. This means when a user pretends to be someone else with or without malicious intent, and may claim to be a famous person or a user on the wiki.
  4. You cannot ask for a staff role when one resigns or is demoted. This is considered forcing.
  5. You cannot instantly get staff on this wiki if you are staff on another Fandoms/Hatedoms related wiki, you have to work for getting staff here too.
  6. Staff are not allowed to abuse their powers, if they ban someone, kick them from the Discord, etc, they must provide a reason for why they did that. No one is above the law.
  7. As 6. says, staff must follow the rules. Once you are staff you do not get a get out free card
  8. You cannot instantly become staff if a relative or friend of yours gets staff. Again, you must work for it.


  1. You are allowed to post photos on the chat.
  2. Don't try to spam a chat to end a conversation.
  3. If someone doesn't want to be in a group chat, then don't put them in group chats.
  4. If everyone is fine with it, you can talk about personal info in private messages.
  5. Don't post suspicious links in the chat.
  6. If drama starts in the chat, please bring it to a private chat and/or a group chat.
  7. If you aren't doing this to annoy people, you can advertise in the chat.
  8. You can request emotes to be added to chat.


  1. Blog posts about any topic (that doesn't break the rules) are allowed on this wiki.
  2. If you make a page on this wiki that is off topic from toxic fandoms and hatedoms, a staff member may create a blog post for you and delete the page.
  3. Blog posts are allowed to be or have advertisements.
  4. Blog posts have no limit to how long they have to be.
  5. You are allowed to ask to have a certain blog post(s) of yours to be protected by a staff member.

Message Wall

  1. You can post spam on a message wall only if that user is fine with it.
  2. You can post advertisements on a message wall only if that user is fine with it.
  3. You can close a message on your wall if you wish not to answer.
  4. Message walls can be used to submit requests for staff.
  5. From now on, users who are banned will be allowed to post on their message walls, for if they wish to get a ban appeal.

Discussion Boards

  1. There is no limit to how many discussion boards a staff member wishes to make.
  2. Any user can start a petition for a new feature to be added to the wiki. A staff member must read it afterward and address it.
  3. Keep all discussion boards on-topic.


  1. Videos must go by the wiki's rules.
  2. You can post your own videos here.
  3. Music can also be uploaded to the videos section.
  4. Spamming the same video over and over onto the section will have some of the files be removed to reduce clutter.
  5. Videos don't have to be about toxic fandoms and hatedoms.
  6. If you are searching for bumpers, you are allowed to post them here.


  1. Comments must stay on topic. If they are not related to the article they may be removed.
  2. You can take a conversation from comments to a thread board, blog, message wall, etc or vice versa.