Undertale Fandom and Hatedom

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Undertale Fandom and Hatedom
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The fandom and hatedom that does not fill you with determination. Instead, you're gonna have a bad time.
Nickname: Underfags (by detractors)
Type: Video Game Fandom
Video Game Hatedom
Status: Very Active

Undertale is a role-playing game developed and published by indie developer Toby Fox that was released in 2015. It is known to have a toxic fandom that is in existence, as well as a toxic hatedom.

Why They Don't Deserve Your MERCY

In General

  1. If you like/don't like Undertale in front of them, you will have a bad time.
  2. They both have so many Edgelords in them.
  3. They are everywhere on the TheTopTens.


  1. They don't just like the game, they fond it a lot to a point of saying it's a godsend.
  2. Incest pairing between Sans and Papyrus (Fontcest), and Toriel and Asriel.
  3. They are also very picky: They wanted the game to be played how they want it. For instance, in Markiplier's Undertale Let's Play, he played the Genocide route. The fandom later whined for that reason. Not only that, but they also complained about how Markiplier voiced the characters, like giving Sans a "redneck accent." This lead to him stopping the series altogether.
  4. As mentioned, some of them ship Sans and Papyrus, even though they are related.
    1. They also make bad shippings like: Sans x Toriel, Sans x Frisk, Papyrus x Mettaton, Asgore x Gaster, Asriel x Chara, Chara x Frisk, etcetera.
    • Another terrible ship is Flowey x Asriel, which doesn't make any sense since Flowey and Asriel are the same character.
  5. Some fans compared those who played the Genocide route with real-life criminals, serial killers, sadists and other types of bad people!
  6. Some of them can't stop saying that they love Undertale. They also say it on non-Undertale-related videos.
    • One YouTube video featured a skeleton with a blue eye. Undertale fans flocked to it assuming said skeleton was Sans. The video itself was released in 2014 while Undertale released in 2015.
  7. They compare Cagney Carnation (from Cuphead) with Flowey, despite the fact that Cagney Carnation was created first.
  8. Over usage of the "You are filled with Determination" and "You feel like you're going to have a bad time" memes.
  9. Four words: Sans and his fanbase.
    • Speaking of Sans, they don't just like him they overrate him.
    • They overpraise Chara too.
  10. They treat the Sans Mii Fighter costume as an actual fighter in Super Smash Bros.. We aren't kidding.
  11. They are just about everywhere on Amino. Even more questionable is that there is even an Amino dedicated to Sans and it's still very active with over 10-20k users.
    • Also the Amino is full of Sans fangirls.
  12. Undertale comic dubs plagued YouTube.
    • Not only that, but Undertale fan art is everywhere on DeviantArt.
  13. Some of them take debates related to “who would win in a fight” way too seriously.
    • They keep saying Undertale characters (Sans, Asriel, Chara, and so on) are completely unbeatable because they are “universal”, “multi-universal”, “omnipotent” without any actual proof.
    • They don't just state characters of Undertale will win, they say these characters will speed blitz/one-shot/stomp/curb-stomp their opponent and solo the opponent's entire franchise.
    • These types people and statements are everywhere on Spacebattles, VS Battles Wiki, Death Battle Fanon, and lots of other debate websites.
    • Things above will get even worse when one of the characters lose in a debate.
  14. Unlike many fandoms like MLP, FNAF, etc which were horribly toxic at first but became much less toxic with time, the Undertale fandom didn't drop its level of toxicity at all, which caused Deltarune's fandom to be already toxic after one single day, see below.
  15. They sometimes even come into unnecessary conflict with Deltarune's fandom, despite both of these two games are developed by Toby Fox.
  16. They dislike-bomb any negative video about Undertale such as Whoisthisgit's Why I Hate Undertale.
  17. Some of them disproportionately hate on So Sorry and its creator Samael only because of being a furry, saying that So Sorry deserves to die.
    • However, most of them hate Samuel and So Sorry because he used his fursona (So Sorry) for inflation art and put that same fursona into Undertale, which means they kink shamed him.
  18. Some fans spam Sans is Ness on almost every EarthBound-related video.
  19. They keep spamming memes non stop on Undertale videos.
  20. They often start flame wars with the Steven Universe Fandom.
  21. Some actually think that Stronger Than You is a fanmade Undertale song despite that it's a parody of a Steven Universe song since SU's song came in March 12, 2015 while Undertale was released in September 15, 2015.
    • Not helping that some would make comments about Undertale on the official video of Steven Universe's Stronger Than You.


  1. The hatedom is known for attacking innocent Undertale fans whenever they see them, even if they're as casual as just having an avatar of one of the characters.
  2. They bully Undertale fans and even call them Underfags, which is easy to take as homophobic.
  3. They harass artists just because some draw NSFW art of the characters, sometimes leading to account deletions.
  4. Many of them hate the game only for its fandom, and not for any of the game's problems. (It isn't Toby Fox's fault for the dreadful fandom.)
  5. They're often hypocritical since they tend to complain about Undertale fans being aggressive and attacking people who don't like the game, while proceeding to themselves attack the fans for liking it. They, on a somewhat positive note, also seem to talk way more about the game than the fans do.
  6. Some haters have gone as far as wishing death on Toby Fox for making the game.
  7. They often make low-effort hate-art for the game and the fans.
  8. They may sometimes call Undertale fans cancerous and autistic.
    • They also bash Undertale-related videos.
  9. A Taiwanese fanartist once drew Sans and Frisk (even though Frisk was aged up) as a couple, during a con she was given a cookie by a fan that had needles which pierced her tongue and almost lead to her death, over a ship.
  10. It's filled with Five Nights at Freddy's fanboys.
  11. There were a lot of anti-Undertale communities on Google+. Fortunately, that was deleted.
  12. Some of them are Religious Nut-Jobs who dislike the game just because of things like Frisk not having a specific gender, Mettaton EX having a transgender appearance, Alphy's and Undyne's relationship, Frisk going to the underground (they assume that the underground is hell), this list goes on.

What Fills Them With Determination


  1. There are some fans out there who are kind and regard the viewpoints of those who dislike the game.
  2. A small handful of AUs and OCs made by them are actually well-made.
  3. They make a lot of beautiful fanart starring the characters and even make decent cosplays.
  4. They also do awesome fan animations.
  5. Some fans write amazing poems and fanfics related to the game, such as “Flowey is not a good life coach”.
  6. There are a lot of remixes and song parodies that are really good, and even entire fan-made musicals made with the soundtrack.
  7. There are some very good fan games, such as Undertale Red.


  1. Some people, such as YouTubers like Whoisthisgit and videooven, dislike the game for understandable reasons, and respect those who like the game.
  2. They do have a point the fandom caused damage to the meme community.

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one month ago
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I laughed at the typo (Assgore) that Landover post made.


2 months ago
Score 1
I really hate So Sorry, but I do think the hate on him and his creator is too much.


9 months ago
Score -2

I don't know... In my opinion, I think Whoisthisgit just doesn't like Undertale or Deltarune because there are monsters in it. He tends to use the name of the creature as an insult a lot.
Wait, let me finish...
Most of the time, people think monsters are all bad because they confuse them for demons. Asriel Dreemurr's bossfight also doesn't help. There's actually a difference between an angel of death and a fallen angel. An angel of death, as evil as they may be, at least half of the time are still loyal to God, which is the biggest difference.

As for monsters and demons, they're not the same. Yeah, some demons can be considered monsters, but they're not synonymous.