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Burro Turbando

Hello. I'm Burro Turbando. I'm a Miraheze user who is more active on Toxic/Healthy Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki. I also do edits in others wikis such as Atrocious/Amazing YouTubers Wiki and Rotten/Fresh Websites Wiki. I also hate Edgelords and Moral Guardians so much.


Gender: Male

Nationality: Chilean

Location: Brazil

Religion: None (Atheist), but I have a little interest on Protestantism

Race: Mixed (I'm a mix of Asian with Caucasian)

Sexuality: Asexual

Occupation: Student, Gamer

List of Fandoms that I'm Apart

Video Game Fandoms

Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom

Call of Duty Fandom

Mario Fandom

Crash Bandicoot Fandom

Skullgirls Fandom Fandom

Minecraft Fandom

DOOM Fandom

Terraria Fandom

YouTuber Fandoms

Markiplier Fandom

Music Fandoms

Michael Jackson Fandom

Eletronic Music Fandom

Rock Music Fandom

Cartoon Fandoms

Rick and Morty Fandom

The Simpsons Fandom

People Fandoms

Jair Bolsonaro Fandom

List of Hatedoms that I'm Apart

Video Game Hatedoms

Undertale Hatedom

Music Hatedoms

K-Pop Hatedom

Justin Bieber Hatedom