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Mudkip.png This user is a memer.

Currently just a loner most of the day at high school, and an upcoming transportation planner. Expect me to be the designer of the future transportation systems of the world :). I aspire to design mostly rail systems because not only are trains a good way to move a large quantity of people around, but they also don't emit carbon dioxide unlike cars, buses or airplanes. Save the world with trains!

This is my sandbox:

This is for randomness:

And this is for pages that need to be remodeled:

Pages that I made or will make

  1. Little Bill Ironic Hatedom
  2. Wonder Showzen Hatedom
  3. Lil' Ron Ron Hatedom
  4. Boj Hatedom
  5. Trotro Hatedom
  6. Circle-Jerking (Opinion Bandwagoning)
  7. Worshippers
  8. Peppa Pig Ironic Fandom and Hatedom - Recreated version.
  9. Joke/Troll Petitions
  10. Hate Memes
  11. Stereotyping
  12. Peppa Pig (Character) Ironic Fandom and Hatedom - Yeah, might as well make it.
  13. Vandals
  14. Bee Movie Ironic Fandom - Recreatin' it.
  15. Nicki Minaj Fandom and Hatedom - Combining the 2 deleted pages into one page.
  16. Bernie Sanders Ironic Fandom - The memes lately. >_<
  17. Hate Pages - These pages have been made out of Barney, Boj, Upin and Ipin, Will and Dewitt, Rebecca Spark (though I am against her), BartekZioomPro's fandom, Pokémon (?), Game Freak, Power Rangers (?), Pinkfong, and countless more.
  18. Franny's Feet Hatedom
  19. Bubble Guppies Hatedom
  20. Malaysia Hatedom - Might have enough evidence.
  21. Preschool Show Fandom - Merged with the hatedom.
  22. Submarine Man Fandom and Hatedom - Will try to remake it.

Pages I might make or might not make

  • Devious Diesel (Thomas & Friends) Hatedom - Vyonders make tons of grounded videos out of him.
  1. Daddy Pig (Peppa Pig) Ironic Fandom - They always sympathize for him and overuse the meme of him falling from the sky.
  • The African Movie Ironic Community - Part of that certain side of the meme community. This will talk about the ironic fans of Nollywood (Nigerian cinema), Wakaliwoood (Ugandan cinema), and any other ones under one umbrella.
  • Top Wing Fandom - Yes, this is a real show on Nick Jr. Apart from 206kid, is the rest of the fandom toxic? Is the fandom even that prominent?
  • Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Fandom - Hypocritical Vyondtards who call Boj a rip-off of this show as well as SpongeBob yet seem to not care that this show has a lot of resemblances to SpongeBob too.
  • Doki Fandom and Hatedom - Vyond users. Need I say more? Yes this is a real show, albeit an obscure one.
  • Pocoyo Ironic Fandom - Seen various memes in Spanish of the titular character (he's kinda like the Spanish-speaking internet's equivalent of Kermit). Is the ironic fandom toxic?

More coming soon...