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Welcome to my Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki userpage, hey there I'm DuchessSponge5000 a.k.a The Sponge. Welcome to my userpage, this userpage is pretty much inspired by other users so yeah. I'm also the founder of the Miraheze Villains Wiki and Heroes Wiki so support me on those and help me grow them. Oh, also support me on Batmanpedia.

  • Ryan's Mystery Playdate Hatedom (Might make a page on that or mention the reasons on the Ryan's World Hatedom)
  • CartoonHooligans Hatedom (Idk if they take his parodies too seriously or not, but if they do why not?)
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot Fandom (Hypocritical Vyonders who thinks Ryan got the show cancelled)
  • Yandere Simulator Hatedom (Sensitive Vyonders who hates this game all because it's about violence)
  • The Reddit Community (Maybe)
  • Batman: The Animated Series Hatedom (I can't explain this. -_-)


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So far I don't have any avatars but once I do, I will show it.

  1. Becoming an animator.
  2. Making my Miraheze villains and heroes wiki popular.

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  1. I have a website:
  2. I have a lot of accounts as you can see here.