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Hitori Bocchi

I joined Miraheze six months ago, i will continue to contribute and i will not give up. I promised that i will save the future of of this wiki to prevent some dramas in Miraheze. Welcome to 2020.

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for fun and games

A proud and zappin’ member of ZapForce

Reinforcements Incoming

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List of Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms that i will make/contribute or may not create depends on their toxicity.

Note: ● means that Salarvander, PlantyB0i, KawhiMidoriya1, Touka×Kaneki, ItsaDrake2001 or TheChisatoFan owns these pages.

  1. Adam Silver Ironic Hatedom
  2. Akame ga Kill! Fandom and Hatedom
  3. Azur Lane Fandom
  4. Banana Fish Fandom
  5. Baker Mayfield Hatedom
  6. Bandwagoners
  7. Bleach Hatedom
  8. Black Clover Fandom and Hatedom
  9. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Hatedom and Fandom
  10. Boruto Uzumaki Hatedom and Fandom
  11. Boston Celtics Fandom and Hatedom
  12. Carmelo Anthony Hatedom
  13. Cells at Work! Fandom
  14. Citrus (Series) Fandom
  15. Cleveland Browns Hatedom
  16. Crunchyroll Fandom and Hatedom
  17. Demonizers
  18. Dennis Rodman Ironic Fandom
  19. Derrick Rose Fandom
  20. Domestic Girlfriend Fandom
  21. Dragon Ball Super Hatedom and Fandom
  22. Draymond Green Hatedom
  23. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two - Hit Multi - Target Attacks? Ironic Fandom
  24. Diavolo Ironic Fandom - PlantyB0i will own this page, not me.
  25. Dwight Howard Hatedom
  26. Emilia (Re:Zero) Hatedom and Fandom - ToukaxKaneki will get the ownership of this article.
  27. Fanboys
  28. Filo (The Rising of the Shield Hero) Ironic Fandom
  29. Gabi Braun Hatedom
  30. Giannis Antetokoumnpo Fandom
  31. Given (Series) Hatedom
  32. Hetalia: Axis Powers (Series) Fandom
  33. Hero TV (Anime Channel) Fandom and Hatedom
  34. Hunter X Hunter Fandom and Hatedom
  35. Hideyoshi Nagachika Fandom - ToukaxKaneki will create this article, so i will help him.
  36. Hitoshi Shinso Fandom
  37. Hypocrites
  38. Ichigo (Darling in The Franxx) Hatedom and Fandom ToukaxKaneki will publish this page, so i will help him finish this.
  39. Ichigo Kurosaki Fandom
  40. Index A Certain (Series) Hatedom
  41. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Fandom
  42. Is the Order a Rabbit? Fandom
  43. Isekai (Genre Type) Fandom and Hatedom
  44. Isekai Quartet Fandom
  45. Izuku Midoriya Fandom
  46. James Harden Hatedom and Fandom
  47. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Fandom
  48. Kakegurui Fandom
  49. Kantai Collection Fandom
  50. Karen Kohiruimaki and Miyu Shinohara Fandom
  51. Kevin Durant Hatedom and Fandom
  52. Kohei Horikoshi Ironic Hatedom
  53. KonoSuba Fandom
  54. Kawhi Leonard Ironic Fandom and Hatedom - KawhiMidoriya1 is the owner.
  55. Kuroko's Basketball Fandom - KawhiMidoriya1 will own this page.
  56. Laid-Back Camp Fandom
  57. Lonzo Ball Hatedom
  58. Los Angeles Lakers Fandom and Hatedom
  59. Made in Abyss Fandom
  60. Melty Melromarc Fandom
  61. Michael Jordan Ironic Fandom and Ironic Hatedom
  62. Michael Vic Hatedom
  63. Moe (Character Type) Fandom
  64. New England Patriots Fandom and Hatedom
  65. Oklahoma City Thunder Hatedom
  66. One Piece Fandom
  67. Oresuki: Are you the one who Loves me? Fandom and Hatedom
  68. Orihime Inoue (Bleach) Hatedom
  69. Philadelphia 76ers Fandom and Hatedom
  70. Popular Characters Hatedom
  71. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Fandom and Hatedom
  72. Roger Goodell Ironic Hatedom
  73. Rokuaka Fandom and Hatedom - Salarvander will create this page.
  74. Russell Westbrook Fandom and Hatedom
  75. Seraph of the End Fandom
  76. Scottie Pippen Ironic Hatedom
  77. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) Fandom
  78. Russell Westbrook Fandom and Hatedom
  79. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Fandom and Hatedom
  80. The Anime Planet Community
  81. The Anime Trending Community
  82. The Nakano Sisters Fandom and Hatedom
  83. The Promised Neverland (Series) Fandom and Hatedom
  84. The Seven Deadly Sins Fandom and Hatedom
  85. The r/raimimemes Community
  86. The r/ShitPostCrusaders Community
  87. Toronto Maple Leafs Fandom
  88. Truck-kun Ironic Fandom - ToukaxKaneki is the owner of this article.
  89. Wataten: An Angel Flew Down to Me Fandom
  90. Yandere Fandom
  91. YohaRiko Fandom - TheChisatoFan owns this article.
  92. Yuri!!! On Ice Fandom and Hatedom
  93. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Fandom
  94. Zombieland Saga Fandom and Hatedom

Exposing Some Toxic Fandoms and Toxic Hatedoms

Note: John Carlo Fabz helped the "Philippine Weeaboos Sucks" page (located on Facebook) by exposed some Weeaboos, obviously
20190513 201618.jpg

How to exposed some toxic fans 101?

Glaze, Hitori Bocchi and their allies of ZapForce will scare and haunt down some toxic fans and toxic haters, just to expose their toxic activities and for the sake of the communities, get it pal?

Incest supporters got exposed. They're also part of One-Punch Man Fandom.

For Glaze's Toxic Haters

No one will pull a "Karma Houdini" after they hate her for bad reasons. Seriously, we're not joking.

Glaze: Me and Hitori Bocchi will get my revenge to my toxic haters by burning them and destroying everything I hate with a burning passion, I SWEAR!