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Hey guys, I’m Iceyellow (formerly Fire_Green19) and I'm mostly an innocent user and a wiki admin, just doing my job here editing and contributing to this wiki. I'm also occasionally seen contributing to other reception wikis as well such as Crappy Games Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki, Awful Movies Wiki, and more. I apologize in advance if ever I behave in an intimidating or hostile behavior since this I'm only doing my tasks as a user here, and I can be aware of myself whenever I go too far with my comments in the summary boxes or discussions. I also have some emotional problems, can cry easily and I have a short temper so please deal with these if you can and don’t block me for these. I'm a girl, by the way, that's all I can say since I'm not allowed to give out everything else.

If you're all wondering why I occasionally leave (sometimes unrelated) notes on wiki pages, it's just that sometimes not everybody can see the revision history, the summary message box, the discussion page, talk:users, or even bothering to click on the recent changes page. It's so that all the users can see my message without skipping right through the edit section. So I apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstandings that occur and don't accuse me of vandalism.

A fact that everyone must know: Fandoms and Hatedoms are not bad. Sure there are many toxic ones out there, however, it's rare to find a good fandom and/or hatedom. Read this blog post for more information.

Also, feel free to send me any messages from my board or my user talk page; as long as it isn't any hateful messages.

A Message To All The Toxic Haters

I'm not a Dragon Ball fan, I'm not a Frieza Fan, I'm not a Battle for Dream Island Fan, I'm not a Trophy (BFDI) fan and lastly, I HATE PORN!!! They are disgusting beyond belief and I'd never ever touch porno websites EVER! Seriously guys. You know that I'm your only average Love Liver and BanG Dreamer who sticks around doing good things and being a friendly contributor.

You must hate me because you had a horrible, horrible childhood, your family hates you, you betrayed all of your friends, and you hate all of humanity altogether. Isn't that right?

Not all shippers are evil, not all shippers are bad, shipping is never bad to begin with. Shippers are humans just like us. Websites and apps were made by humans

Also, jokes on you since Frieza and Trophy are fictional characters wh can't touch me since fiction and reality are separated. Plus, even if they may/may not be likeable, they'd never go too far by going to rape or kill people in real life. In fact, they joined ZapForce so that they can prove to me that they'll protect me at all costs even though I still don't know who the fuck they are.

One more thing, I'm not scared of you. And if you dare mess with me ONE LAST TIME, you'll pay the price! Because this time, I got some company. Meet Gunman Lisa/Lisa's Guns, Kanon's Cannon, Friezos and Brawler Trophy.

Lisa's Guns.png Kanon's Cannon.png Friezos.png Brawler Trophy.png

List of all-time Fandoms/Hatedoms/Communities I’m a part of

Note #1: This list is opinion-based. I’m only a mature and sane fan that respects opinions of others and I'm also on the safe side of these groups. Though to be fair, I hate the toxic portion of most of these fandoms/hatedoms/communities.

Note #2: Just because I added these fandoms/hatedoms/communities on this list doesn’t mean that you immediately need to create a page of these mentioned fandoms and hatedoms as some of these may be either obscure or not toxic enough to be on this wiki.

Note #3: Because it's displayed as "all-time", this means that I may not be part of some of these fandoms anymore.

more to be added

Fandoms and Hatedoms That I made/will or will not make Depending On Its Toxicity

I don't really make wiki pages around here since I'd rather just modify the ones I visit. But I may make these pages whenever I feel like it so don't pressure me into making these right away.

  1. Love Live! Fandom
    1. Nico Yazawa (Love Live!) Ironic Fandom and Hatedom
    2. Maki Nishikino (Love Live!) Fandom
    3. Yoshiko Tsushima (Love Live!) Fandom
    4. NicoMaki Fandom
    5. NozoEli Fandom
    6. YohaRiko Fandom
    7. Snow Halation Ironic Fandom
  2. The Rap Battle Ironic Fandom
  3. Nobody: Ironic Fandom
  4. Brawlhalla Fandom and Hatedom
  5. Mr. Bean Ironic Fandom
  6. BanG Dream! Fandom
    1. Roselia (BanG Dream!) Fandom and Hatedom
      1. Sayo Hikawa Fandom and Hatedom
    2. Poppin'Party Fandom and Hatedom
    3. Afterglow Fandom and Hatedom
    4. Pastel*Palettes Fandom and Hatedom
      1. Chisato Shirasagi Hatedom
    5. Hello, Happy World! Fandom and Hatedom
      1. Kaoru Seta Fandom
    6. Babanbo (BanG Dream!) Ironic Fandom
  7. Unicorn Fandom and Hatedom
  8. iLOVEFRiDAY Ironic Fandom - Killed the meme community with the "Hit or Miss" song/TikToks.
  9. Sr Pelo Ironic Fandom - collaborated with Inkster
  10. Mobile Legends Fandom - collaborated with Hitori Bocchi
  11. The Vine Community

more to be added

Pages That Are (Technically) Not Mine But Will Help Expanding/Contributing On

  1. Beyblade Fandom and Hatedom - I'm not a fan of this franchise but it seems that these pages need more toxic points to stay in this wiki. (From User IP‎)
    1. Valt Aoi (Beyblade) Fandom - (From User IP‎)
    2. Tyson Granger (Beyblade) Fandom - (From User IP‎)
    3. Aiger Akabane (Beyblade) Hatedom - (From User IP‎)
    4. Shu Kurenai (Beyblade) Fandom - well, it is mine now, but I'll still put it here since I'm still doing research on the other Beyblade Characters as well. (With assistance from User IP‎)
    5. Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade) Fandom - same with Shu's Fandom. (With assistance from User IP‎)
  2. Weegee Ironic Fandom - Owned by Salarvander since I helped him contribute to his draft.
  3. The Loud Sisters Fandom and Hatedom - Technically not mine, but I merged them all into one page since all their old pages had the same reasons.

more to be added

Unsure Pages

  1. The rest of the Love Live Girls' Fandoms and Hatedoms - They're mostly on the same levels of toxicity. I just don't know if I should make a page of all of them. Plus, it might clog up the wiki.
  2. Love Live Ships - Not sure if this needs a standalone page or not. Plus, it might clog up the wiki as well.
  3. All of the Bandori characters' Fandoms and Hatedoms - Characters like Kaoru Seta, Sayo Hikawa and Chisato Shirasagi can have toxic fans and haters. But I just don't know if I should make a page of all of them as well since it might clog up the wiki. I know that Hagumi's Fandom is pretty small but healthy despite the constant Hagumi and Rin comparisons.
  4. Bandori Ships - Same reason with the Love Live Ships.
  5. I-I Never Said Love (BanG Dream!) Ironic Fandom - It's the Japanese Bandori equivalent of the Vault Boy from the Fallout series saying "Hold up", and they only like the song for this line: "Chomama chomamatte chotto matte chotto". When it comes to Arisa Ichigaya reacting to stuff, this is what the community always spams.
  6. Smol Nozomi - Still busy with the other pages that I need to publish.
  7. 7 GRAND DAD - Same reason with Smol Nozomi.