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I'm a memer.
Custom 2
I barely watch any TV because it just sorta feels worthless to me. Yeah, I'm kind of a nihilistic person.
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My profile picture is of Cory in the Big Blue House.
Other information
Alita: Battle Angel
Twelve Forever, One Punch Man, The Office, Seinfield
New York 2140
CHICKEN, meat (in general), honeycrisp apples
water, soda (especially Mexican or Japanese soda)
Personal information
Real name
Queens School of Inquiry
About me
Hi! I love contributing to this wiki! I am a mature member of the following fandoms and hatedoms:

-Adult Cartoons Fandom

-Baby Show Defenders

-Family Guy Fandom and Hatedom - I'm sorta on both sides.

-Me and the Boys Ironic Fandom

-My Hero Academia Fandom

-Peppa Pig Ironic Fandom and Hatedom

-PhantomStrider Fandom

-SpongeBob Fandom

-Teen Titans Go! Hatedom

-The Cartoon Community

-The Meme Community

-The Office (US) Fandom - NOT a rabid worshipper like most of them, just a casual fan who watches it every then and now.

-The Simpsons Fandom

-Thomas the Tank Engine Fandom - Not that active tho because I know how cringy it looks in public, plus my dad harassed me for watching it all the time on YouTube when I was 15.