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Hello one and all! I am MasterCalcifer (Formerly known as QuirkyTotoro2002). Welcome to Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki! Remember to be kind and respect others. Don’t forget to visit the sister wiki, Healthy Fandoms and Hatedoms wiki (whereas I’m an administrator).

Fandoms/Hatedoms I’m A Part Of

The Anime Community


*To be fair, Sonic X and Pokémon are good dubs. It's just the other dubs I despise.

The Music Community

The Gaming Community

*I neither like the series, nor do I hate it. I just think it's too repetitive, had it been not seeing a new release every couple years or so. Same for Fortnite.

The Cartoon/Film Community

*To be honest, I have nothing against the show in itself. I just think it's been declining in quality.


Apple Fandom*

Article 13 Hatedom**

Dog Fandom/Cat Fandom

Social Justice Warriors / Moral Guardians (Confound them BIG TIME)

*I don't overly praise the company. It's just that I find their products appealing.

**I don't live in Europe, but I am well aware of the Article 13 situation. It sucks.