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Message to those who vandalize me. Stolen from RoboticJeffy -_-.

NOTE: Gain my consent first to fucking edit me. Exceptions include fixing grammatical errors (if I make any), to fix codes, or linking. Anyone who violates this gets blocked without warning.

This is the reaction I'll send if anyone fucks up even once, commits a single crime, or messes with me.

Ey there people. It's me Portrock1566 or if you like you can refer to me by my actual name, Robert. I'm a fucking administrator here based on merit after reclaiming my previously lost position and I'm an ancestor to this wiki, having ascended from FANDOM. Speaking of which I'm also a survivor of the major FANDOM genocide inducted by PKMNLiveNews. Please keep in mind that as of now I still detest this institution and not truly patriotic/loyal to it but I still push for it's reform. You can announce things to me, ask questions, and request me to do some things on my discussion page but only related to this wiki. Therefore you should never ask me to do things such as helping you with your homework. It's fine to joke and meme on my discussion page but don't spam.


Name: Robert Anthony Tanner

Date of birth: March 8, 2004 (Age 15)

Sex: Male (Oh and don't judge my fucking goddamn profile picture.)

Nationality: American

Religion: None (Atheist)

Race: Caucasian

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation Student

Biography (Both real and internet life. Also to be announced)

Fandoms I'm a member of (That being said I'm not toxic at all)

Keep in mind the fandoms here will be listed randomly with no type of sorting besides categories

Film fandoms

Avengers: Endgame Fandom

Cartoon fandoms

Spongebob Squarepants Fandom
The Simpsons Fandom

Literature fandoms

Harry Potter Fandom

TV shows fandoms

Video games fandoms

Mario Fandom

Doki Doki Literature Club Fandom

Web fandoms

Angry Video Game Nerd Fandom

Anime Fadoms

Naruto Fandom
Fairy Tail Fandom

Future Diary Fandom (Unironically)

My Hero Academia Fandom (My favorite anime)

One Punch Man Fandom

Pokemon Fandom (I suck at accent marks)

Date A Live Fandom

Kill la Kill Fandom

People fandoms

Character fandoms

Malty Melromarc Fandom (Slightly)

Zero Two Fandom (My favorite girl. She's been my "waifu" since 2018)

Moe (character type) Fandom

Yandere (type) Fandom (Unironically. Yeah I know they're dangerous but in fiction they're rather enjoyable)

Shoto Todoroki Fandom (One of my favorite male characters)

Hinata Hyuga Fandom (My ex-waifu from 2017 who I dumped for Zero Two a year later)

Tsundere Fandom (Unironically)

Companies/organization fandoms

Cultural fandoms

Hatedoms I'm a member of (I'm still not fucking toxic)

The hatedoms will only be listed by category.

Film hatedoms

Cartoon hatedoms

Literature hatedoms

TV shows hatedoms

Video games hatedoms

Web hatedoms

Anime hatedoms

Haruhi Suzimiya Hatedom (No joke)

Akame Ga Kill Hatedom

Love Live Hatedom (Sorry but not sorry Iceyellow)

Boku No Pico Hatedom

Dragon Ball GT Hatedom.

BanG Dream Hatedom

People hatedoms

Donald Trump Hatedom

Character hatedoms


Esdeath Hatedom

Nico Yazawa Hatedom

Haruhi Suzimiya Hatedom

Companies/organization hatedoms

European Union Hatedom

Cultural hatedoms