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Message to those who vandalize me. Stolen from RoboticJeffy -_-.

NOTE: Gain my consent first to fucking edit me. Exceptions include fixing grammatical errors (if I make any), to fix codes, or linking. Anyone who violates this gets blocked without warning.

This is the reaction I'll send if anyone fucks up even once, commits a single crime, or messes with me.

Ey there people. It's me Portrock1566 or if you like you can refer to me by my actual name, Robert. I'm a fucking administrator here based on merit after reclaiming my previously lost position and I'm an ancestor to this wiki, having ascended from FANDOM. Speaking of which I'm also a survivor of the major FANDOM genocide inducted by PKMNLiveNews. I'm a humble, loyal advocate for reform and alleviating this very wiki from the dreaded anarchy era of pre-August 2019. You can announce things to me, ask questions, and request me to do some things on my discussion page but only related to this wiki. Therefore you should never ask me to do things such as helping you with your homework. It's fine to joke and meme on my discussion page but don't spam.

Oh and rule of thumb. Never ship me with NeptunePerson2018. I like her as a friend. Not a fucking crush.


I'm just an ordinary white American youth male. Nothing special about me. I hate it when people think that in anyway.

Biography (Both real and internet life. Also to be announced)

Fandoms I'm a member of (That being said I'm not toxic at all)

Keep in mind the fandoms here will be listed randomly with no type of sorting besides categories

Film fandoms

Avengers: Endgame Fandom

Cartoon fandoms

Spongebob Squarepants Fandom
The Simpsons Fandom

Literature fandoms

Harry Potter Fandom

TV shows fandoms

Video games fandoms

Mario Fandom

Doki Doki Literature Club Fandom

Web fandoms

Angry Video Game Nerd Fandom

Anime Fadoms

Naruto Fandom
Fairy Tail Fandom

Future Diary Fandom (Unironically)

My Hero Academia Fandom (My favorite anime)

One Punch Man Fandom

Pokemon Fandom (I suck at accent marks)

Date A Live Fandom

Kill la Kill Fandom

People fandoms

Character fandoms

Malty Melromarc Fandom (Slightly)

Zero Two Fandom (My favorite girl. She's been my "waifu" since 2018)

Moe (character type) Fandom

Yandere (type) Fandom (Unironically. Yeah I know they're dangerous but in fiction they're rather enjoyable)

Shoto Todoroki Fandom (One of my favorite male characters)

Hinata Hyuga Fandom (My ex-waifu from 2017 who I dumped for Zero Two a year later)

Tsundere Fandom (Unironically)

Companies/organization fandoms

Cultural fandoms

Hatedoms I'm a member of (I'm still not fucking toxic)

The hatedoms will only be listed by category.

Film hatedoms

Cartoon hatedoms

Literature hatedoms

TV shows hatedoms

Video games hatedoms

Web hatedoms

Anime hatedoms

Haruhi Suzimiya Hatedom (No joke)

Akame Ga Kill Hatedom

Love Live Hatedom (Sorry but not sorry Iceyellow)

Boku No Pico Hatedom

Dragon Ball GT Hatedom.

BanG Dream Hatedom

People hatedoms

Donald Trump Hatedom

Character hatedoms


Esdeath Hatedom

Nico Yazawa Hatedom

Haruhi Suzimiya Hatedom

Companies/organization hatedoms

European Union Hatedom

Cultural hatedoms


Media Likes Dislikes Neutral
Books, Comics, Manga Wonder

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Harry Potter

Soul Eater (I haven't watched the anime yet. I wish I had.)


Hunger Games


Movies Avengers: Infinity War and


Big Hero 6

The Emoji Movie



Live-action remakes

The Boss Baby

The Room



Songs Gangnam Style (I wish it was the most viewed YouTube video again)

All Star

Ocean Man

Misha's Pokemon Go Song (Unironically. I like the song but not the person himself)

Bitch Lasagna (Unironically)


Dame Tu Cosita (Why is it popular within Elsagate?)

Gucci Gang

Baby (Justin Bieber)

TV Shows, Cartoons and Anime (same thing but whatever) Spongebob Squarepants

Regular Show

Gravity Falls

My Hero Academia (Top favorite anime)


Fairy Tail

Adventure Time

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Amazing World of Gumball

Darling in the Franxx


Death Note

Date a Live

Elfen Lied (Unironically)

Kill La Kill

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures (I have some problems trying to cope with it's art style though)

One Punch Man

Sword Art Online (Formerly. I used to be obsessed with that show when I was 12. The show has gotten shittier with age. I now loathe it.)


Tomorrow's Pioneers

Boku no Pico (Don't look it up it's a shotacon (male child porn) anime)

Teen Titans Go!

13 Reasons Why (as a suicide survivor, I find this show very offensive)

My Little Pony

Cory in the House


Baby shows

Haruhi Suzumiya (Yes you read that correctly. I'm not joking)

Akame Ga Kill!

The Nutshack

Love Live (Sorry but not sorry TheChisatoFan.)

BanG Dream (I'm not repeating this.)

Object Shows

Happy Tree Friends (I'm not adverse to violence. It's due to the absence of any plot and likeability of the characters.)

Twelve Forever (Puberty is easier than you think. Well it feels that way for guys like me. This isn't sex education so moving on.)

Musicians, bands NOTE: There's little I like nowadays



Justin Bieber

JoJo Siwa

Food and Candy Pizza


Practically most sweets

Caffeinated beverages (I'm hooked on that substance. Help)

Drinks Pepsi Tea (Don't judge just because of my British blood) Milk (I'm generally fine with dairy)
Video Games Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Doki Doki Literature Club (I prefer not to talk about this game much with the exception of fans because of course the spoilers. By all means just complete the game first before getting involved with the fanbase.)

Persona 5

Five Nights at Freddy's

Baldi's Basics

Yandere Simulator (Currently I'm divided on it but honestly I'm planning to try it. I don't care that it has a page on Crappy Games Wiki.)
Websites Miraheze


Most reception wikis


DeviantArt (Unpopular opinion. I only use it for viewing though. I'm broad-minded about NSFW with only five known exceptions. Also contrary to popular belief the perverts in it are only overrepresented.)

Fun Shitposting Wiki (Encyclopedia Dramatica executed correctly. Too bad it frequently experiences outages)

Kiwi Farms


Horrible Music and Songs Wiki

Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki (During the Anarchy Period (Pre-Admin State))

Encyclopedia Dramatica (I learned that it was misjudged. The stereotypes were wrong. Encyclopedia Dramatica does have redeeming qualities. To me their biggest act of heroism is saving Atrocious YouTubers Wiki from certain authoritarianism by exposing Mar's crimes thus overthrowing him. I have trouble deciding whether they're anti-heroic, a necessary, or neutral. Still though that doesn't mean I support it. Especially considering the fact that they dox people, the people being toxic, and some articles being transgressive. I'm very upset that it's down. Some articles are entertaining. I really wanted to read the Love Live! article there (don't get mad at me TheChisatoFan)).

Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki (Admin state. Too be fair I'm still suspicious of that site but I'm ardent of pushing the positive momentum forward along with other people.)

YouTube Channels Vailskibum94




IAmEiji (YouTube channel)

Memehog (Since Memehog 7

after he redeemed himself)






Paul brothers


Behind the Meme


surreal entertaintment


DrewPicklesIsSwell1957 (sorry not sorry RoboticJeffy)

Zeta the anti-democratic (Now I haven't reviewed him or anything but seriously Blazemaster he's simply a joke. At least that's what Rama says.)
Miraheze users Grust (The founder)

Unnamedgoon (Objectively the supreme admin of all)

Vicious187 (aside from his grammar)


Matthew The Guy

TheChisatoFan (save for that one time you just had to throw a temper tantrum at me on Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki. Put that aside though, you're one of the best admins I know. I'll label you as the best girl of the Reception Wikis. I'm surprised our relationship transitioned from being rocky to being one of the closest. You're a good role model for us, and I honor you unconditionally.)






Hitori Bocchi


VictorTheSaxophonePlayer2848 (I'm impressed of how he transitioned from a edit war on Morgz to a responsible adminstrator specializing in memes.)



NeptunePerson2018 (For some reason however I notice her mental state (and even her grammar) deteriorating. I even planned to demote her to my neutral section on my profile page here as I was unable to tolerate it. But since I now know why (it's confidential), I'll set it aside just forget all the criticism I've stated. You're still the (second) best girl sweetheart. You really deserve being an admin on other Wikis)

Tarbiz (pretty cool dude)

KillerPyro (He's Mar8122. To be honest never have I hated him even after his crimes and he's been bullied to much. But I nonetheless denounce his acts and defend his deprivation of liberty)

PlantyB0i (Perhaps the most precocious and gifted page creator of all. Which is something I have complete absence of)

Iceyellow (Be prepared for an somewhat unpopular note I'll state. Currently however I'm too lethargic as shit to do it.)






Amazingtolu (Gucci Rsbbit is incorrect about him)

Kaynedeeny (He occasionally has difficulties with opinions though)







Mar9122 (Ever since the ToonTrain wars he became a fallen hero. Before then he was a person of honor. After failing to fight for human rights when TheToonTrain triumphed over him, he transitioned to a evil, militaristic, dictator. During his tenure as a owner, he was growing more oppressive and was eroding our liberties such as suppressing dissent and rejecting democratic elections. He was planning to destroy the Reception Wikis by organizing a military against them. Thankfully Encyclopedia Dramatica came to save our lives and overthrew him once and for all.)


Se/TheInterneto/HellYes (He ruined Mar8122's life, told K9 Aversion her page, and EVEN MADE A FUCKING RAPE THREAT TO HIS CRITICS!!! He's equally as abysmal as his girlfriend Zenny. The ship will get sunk someday!!! By the way, his page on Fun Shitposting Wiki is the best page ever there.)

IHateShippers (One of the most notorious terrorists to exist on the internet. He used to dominate the anarchy state of Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki and later began demonizing Iceyellow. His motive is most likely to return the wiki back without government. Eventually he berating practically all opposition. And I somehow happen to be part of the minority that was marginalized directly. I short-circuited when he spammed my discussion page on this wiki. I remained disturbed for the rest of the day. Just because he's inactive doesn't mean it's over. In fact I'd strongly discourage celebrating.

Chronicles (Made a shitty page of himself on Real Life Villains Wiki, overthrew Matthew the Guy at one point, and even attempted to destroy Loathsome Characters Wiki. And no, no, no, no he didn't redeem himself!!! What he did was clearly unforgivable. I'm not welcoming him back.

Zenko (I can't believe I had room for mercy to her until I lost it. I'm ashamed of myself. Ever since she began bullying us (especially that infamous message against TheChisatoFan), I was inordinately infuriated and lost all positive feelings for her. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK BEING STRICT DOESN'T MEAN SOMEONE'S MENTALLY ILL!!! A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT INCLUDING MYSELF!!! ALSO THAT SHIT'S SO VERY HYPOTHETICAL BECAUSE YOU YOURSELF WAS STRICT DURING YOUR TENURE AS A ADMINISTRATOR IF NOT THE MOST AUTHORITARIAN AT THE TIME!!! With many other people I also unluckily ended up being her targets. That being that between her and me, our moral perspectives heavily contrast to the point she harassed me in private messages. The solution for her is just please be humble.)


Cute Animals are the best (I may have never interacted with him but I'm aware of him getting banned for something I don't know how to specify and him complaining about things)

Gucci Rsbbit (where's his sense of remorse???)

206kid (Stalking me and my friends (especially Ramadhan1a) in every Discord server you know of??? Too bad your dreams will never come true!!! Please stop being so bizarrely obsessed with people on the Reception Wikis including myself. You should've been taught about personal space. When requested to leave someone be just fucking submit to it. Also you're an annoying baby show fan to be honest.)

LA2002 (A impulsive and reckless person who keeps adding biased shit to any article he touches on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki. He tried to redeem himself several times and never did. Actions speak louder than words you know. Outside of that wiki he's hardly any better. Please LA2002 stop being engaged in politics it's not worth it)

HalJordan008 (The guy who has a hate boner over Fairy Tail and likes Adolf Hitler. "It's a joke" doesn't cut it)

PerryPikaplush (Moralist much)

UglyDollsFan2002 (Stop pleading "I'M SO VERY FUCKING SORRY FOR EVERY ONE OF MY WRONGDOINGS!!!" which you clearly aren't and instead only desire attention.)




Stomps (Ever since he made a death threat against Best TV Shows Wiki just for not having Cubeez (whatever that is), I find it difficult to judge him. He's also a bit annoying at times.)

SaveCartoonNetwork (He never deserved a page on Reception Flame Wars Wiki. And TheInterneto decided to fuck up.)

DJ2006 (Don't know much of him.)

... Wage (Before November 2019 I would've placed him in the dislike section. Being that he banned captions, censored dissent, and blocked RoboticJeffy and BalzePlastic2003 for their opinions on Drew. I finds these unforgivable. I'm no believer of chances and slow to mercy. But because it's clear that he learned and is remorseful, it's nowadays difficult to form a actual opinion.)


Stephenfisher2001 (As EijiZeBoi says, be more civilized when speaking to people. The current behavior of yours is difficult to withstand)

162805O (If they would stop shitposting anytime soon)

Characters Luigi



Meggy (SMG4)

Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx. She's my waifu by the way. She's a sensitive little one so please be extra gentle with her. Even if you violate that I won't take your life.)


Mr. Krabs


Sakura Haruno (To an extent. Besides just being uselss she also falls short of attractiveness compared to the other girls)

Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill. Although she arouses so much sympathy.)

Miscellaneous Things LGBTQ (I'm a straight ally and it's mostly healthy)

Shipping (I opened up to them significantly. I don't care if the ships are non-canon or crossovers. All that matters is the chemistry between the couple. I personally like seeing romance nowadays.)

Porn (sorry not sorry Zenny)

Yuri (Don't judge. By the way it's the first influence ever that caused me to support LGBT rights.)


Profanity (There's no good reason why it should be deemed "bad" in the first place with the exception of slurs.)

Hate art (Even of things I like. As long if it isn't offensive.)





European Union (It always sucked from the beginning.)


Commonwealth of Nations

Bright sunshine

Most of my female schoolmates (Don't call me sexist this doesn't even meet the definition. After all I said most not all. I don't discriminate on gender. The problem is much of them are irritating, perverted, etc. I'm always forced to be near them.)

Loud noises (Sensitivity is part of the reason but the biggest being is because of indecency. Take earrape for an example.)

Slurs (especially the N-word, which I NEVER said in my entire life.)

Intimate contact (I'm personally not open to it and get very defensive if I experience it. I seldom give consent to others to do it.)


Cursive (although the feminine appearance is a valid redeeming quality for me.)

Donald Trump (I'm not politically engaged but this is one of the exceptions.)


My facial hair (I tolerate most aspects of puberty except for this. I think I'm a early bloomer.)



Company (with exceptions)

Politics (It's just drama shit)


K-Pop (Ironically, Gangnam Style which is the best K-Pop song happens to be the genre's final nail in it's coffin.)



Fanservice (Not going to lie I actually personally approve of it. It's just the problem to me is that it makes the producers seem submissive to the audience if overused.)

Crossover in general and shipping (Don't. Fucking. Lash. At. Me. Zenny. Love is love. Keep this in mind.)

Gore (I'm fine with fictional but I'm less lenient with realistic blood)