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These are the pages they are work in progress if you want to support in one of my upcoming pages if like to. Let me know if there's any banned phrases/bias that I put.

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Fandoms and Hatedoms that I don't know much yet

Draft: Japanese Video Game Foreign Dub Hatedom


Draft: Chun-Li Fandom and Hatedom

Type: Character Fandom
Character Hatedom
Status: Active

Chun-Li (春麗, also チュン・リー, Chun Rī, simplified Chinese: 春丽; traditional Chinese: 春麗; pinyin: Chūn Lì) is a character in Capcom's Street Fighter video game series. The first playable female fighter of any fighting game franchise, she made her first appearance in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991. In the series, she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who restlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of the nefarious M. Bison, leader of the Shadaloo crime syndicate. Since her debut, Chun-Li has become a mainstay of the franchise and one of its most popular figures, appearing in nearly all subsequent installments of the series and several Capcom spinoff games, in addition to featuring prominently in Street Fighter-related media including two feature films, multiple anime and comic book productions, and other official series merchandise. She has earned much positive fan and critical reception for factors such as her backstory, athleticism, and in-game playability, in addition to being considered a trailblazer for female characters in fighting titles and in general video gaming. Not even Chun-Li herself is safe from her fandom and her hatedom.

Draft: Mina Majikina (Samurai Shodown) Fandom

Mina Majikina.jpg
Even Mina is pissed towards her fandom.
Type: Character Fandom
Status: Active

Mina Majikina (真鏡名 ミナ, Majikina Mina) is one of the new characters of the Samurai Shodown series introduced in Samurai Shodown V.

According to the game's creators, similar to Yoshitora Tokugawa to Haohmaru, Mina was created to be the "polar opposite to Nakoruru" and as the "new heroine" to the series. They extended these keywords to everything, including fighting style, weaponry, hair color and clothing. Though she drifted slightly away from her original image, Mina became a favorite to them and they expressed an interest to implement her into more games. She has made an outside appearance in the spin off series Queen's Gate. And She has a toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why Mina Should Told Her Fans Need To Be Healthy


Example of Mina Fanboy, that he thinks Mina is "not" a fanservice character like Shiki, Darli and Wu but hate on Iroha and (maybe) Mai for being a fanservice characters. But he attacks other Mina fans whoever think she is a fanservice character like any characters in Sam Sho who have this trait.
  1. They don't like her, they exalt her like she's an actual goddess.
  2. They ship Nakoruru, Iroha or (rarely) Shizumaru.
  3. Some of them are nostalgia-tards that are presented in this fandom.
  4. Just like Mufasa, various Danganronpa characters, Mongo, certain RWBY characters, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Zero (Mega Man X), Goro Akechi, 2B, Mileena, Bunny, Ray the firefly and Bambi's Mom Fandoms, They took Mina's death in SSV too seriously when it comes to poll and they think it's completely a "reboot". which Samurai Shodown (2019) is a soft-reboot that takes after Samurai Shodown V and before the first Samurai Shodown.
  5. They "hate" her because of Chample but they don't seem to hate her. Despite that Chample is her pet/best friend; without him, She would not be exist.
  6. Some of them complain about her old moves are being replaced and/or downplayed in Samurai Shodown (2019).

Status: Need help.

Draft: Capcom Vs. SNK Fandom


Draft: SNK Heroines Tag Team Franzy Fandom and Hatedom

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy.jpg
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Video Game Hatedoms
Status: Active

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy (officially written as SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~) is a fighting game developed for PS4 by SNK and for Nintendo Switch by Abstraction Games. The game was released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in September 2018, and was published in Japan and Asia by SNK and SEGA and in North America and Europe by NIS America. An arcade version was released the following October and the Microsoft Windows version is to arrive in February 2019. It is a spiritual successor to SNK Gals' Fighters, and features a 2v2 tag-team gameplay system. and It has toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why Kukri Should Capture Them


  1. They only liked the game because of fanservice. It takes more than that to like the game.
  2. Some fans are apart of Dead or Alive Hatedom and Dragon Ball FighterZ Hatedom.
  3. Some of them keep spamming the character requests or the update of the game when SNK has stopped working on it and moved on to different the game.
    • Disqus/YouTube/Twitter user: Trusk/Jorge Zaldivar/Namco Fan is example of toxic fan; he thinks this game is “not” dead because of any fighting game tournaments (mostly in Japan) and keeps asking SNK to add more characters to the game when this game itself is already stop working on it. sometimes just move on.
  4. They mash anyone who has different opinions on the game.
  5. Some of them requesting villains (Such as Mature, Vice or Mizuki) when there's "Heroines" in the title.
  6. They went nuts when they see Terry Bogard or/and Skullomania as genderbend characters in the game.
  7. Some of them think people hate the game are SJWs not all of them or the reviews are like this who had a valid reasons to don't like the game.


  1. Some of them whine when some characters from different SNK franchises (other then Nakoruru and Jeanne D' Arc) didn't make the cut (for example, Fio and Eri from Metal Slug). The same may be said for characters who would already appear in KoF such as Blue Mary or Angel.
  2. They think that only weeaboos play this game which is not true. Amazon reviewers are a good example of this (not making this up).
  3. Moral Guardians are still present in this community due to the game's nature. Common Sense Media does this.

Status: need help.

Draft: Lifty and Shifty (Happy Tree Friends) Fandom