Valt Aoi (Beyblade) Fandom and Hatedom

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Valt Aoi (Beyblade) Fandom and Hatedom
Type: Anime Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Valt Aoi (蒼井バルト, Aoi Baruto) is the main protagonist in the Beyblade Burst saga who's an energetic 12-year-old boy. Throughout the series, he dreams on being world champion. He appeared in Beyblade Burst, Beyblade Burst Evolution, Beyblade Burst Turbo, and Beyblade Burst Gachi (or Beyblade Burst Rise if you want to go by the English localization). He has a toxic fandom and hatedom for the reasons below.

Why They’re Toxic


  1. They're in the worst part of the Beyblade Fandom and Hatedom
  2. Both can't accept opposing viewpoints.
  3. They are both responsible for sabotaging the Anime Community.


  1. They value him as one of God's most valued creations.
  2. If you were to say you prefer any character over Valt, chances are, the fans would attack you. Doesn't that sound very familiar to you?
  3. They are part of the Aiger Hatedom since they lash on to him for absurd reasons other than the fact that he was replaced by Aiger in Beyblade Burst Turbo. Depending on the series, having the same protagonists isn't always good as seeing the same character could get tiring.
  4. They like to ship him with Shu Kurenai when they're supposed to be friends, not lovers.
  5. When a YouTuber named illinuc made a gameplay video titled I HATE VALT!!, the fans got insanely ballistic so they went ahead and attacked him with butthurt comments like: "Why do you hate Valt so much he's a good character" or "Stop hating on Valt". This means that they cannot respect opinions and not even handle the slightest form of criticism. That's almost similar to how the Shrek Fandom reacted when CinemaSins made a video called "Everything Wrong With Shrek in 13 Minutes Or Less" except you replace Shrek's name with Valt.


  1. They only hate him because of his childish behavior and the fact that he’s not very serious and silly despite that there are other Beyblade characters that can act childish at times.
  2. They pummel on anyone who likes him.
  3. They are mostly nostalgias who prefer Tyson over Valt.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. They at least have a point of why Valt is one of the best characters in the series.
  2. Not all fans act like this. Some are mature and respect opinions.
  3. Some fans make awesome AMVs of Valt.
  4. His hatedom could be just as bad sometimes.


  1. At least they have a point that he can act childish at times.
  2. Some haters can respect opinions and have good reasons to dislike his character.
  3. His fandom can be just as bad as well.

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