VeggieTales Fandom and Hatedom

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VeggieTales Fandom and Hatedom
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God is bigger than the boogyman, this fandom, and this hatedom.
Nickname: Veggies
Type: Cartoon Fandom and Hatedom
Status: Active (Fandom)
Semi-Active (Hatedom)

VeggieTales is a series of Christian 3D animated shows created by Phil Visher and Mike Nawrocki in 1993. The franchise feature talking fruits and vegetables that act out both bible stories (without being offensive) as well as mainstream pop culture. It spawned CGI television shows, DVDs, Blu-rays, videos, feature films, web shows, books, and albums. While it has been originally a direct to video series, VeggieTales was the world's first half-hour CGI animated show. It has two Netflix exclusive shows called VeggieTales in the House and VeggieTales in the City. There is a revival series titled The VeggieTales Show whose first episode is about Christmas. While the series is successful and innocent, it sure does have a fanbase and hatebase as rotten as rotten fruits and veggies.

Why The Veggies Don't Have A Show For Them


  1. Neither side can tolerate another opinion on the show.
  2. They are ubiquitous to Vyond and Plotagon.


  1. They spammed "Allow us to introduce ourselves", "Wow, isn't that Tom Cruise", "His Cheeseburger", "Boot, you transistorized tormentor! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!", "I say the punishment should be banishment to The Island Of Perpetual Tickling!", Larry's NO from The End of Silliness, and "Weed Eater" which gets annoying quickly.
    • They even spam Bootleg VeggieTales.
  2. They can make some uninspired OCs such as this one.
  3. This Ironic and stupid post.
  4. They constantly mash on VeggieTales in the House and in the city without giving it a chance.
  5. They hate VeggieTales in the House and in the City because of the redesigns much like how another fandom would hate Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts for stupid reasons.
  6. There are even fangirls that ship themselves with one of the characters. No Joke!
  7. Fanfics that involve stupid ships such as this one. It still counts as objectophilia.
  8. If you were to say you liked VeggieTales in the House and/or in the City, there is a fair chance that you would be harassed. Read the comments sections of this whiny rant.
  9. They make stupid and offensive insults to VeggieTales in the House and in the City such as StupidTales or VeggieF*gs in the Hell, which is just offensive.
  10. They idolize Larry the Cucumber, Mr. Lunt, Mr. Nezzer, Jimmy Gourd, Jerry Gourd, and the Scallions like they are the gods of VeggieTales.
  11. They think that VeggieTales is only about Silly Songs with Larry, but it really isn't. It's about life lessons. Plus, it takes more than songs to make a good show.
    • Speaking of Silly Songs with Larry, they even overpraise it as if it were a religion.
  12. They even treat some of the songs such as "His Cheeseburger" as if it were the national anthem.
  13. Some people only watch VeggieTales just for the Silly Songs thus ignoring the story or characters.
  14. Don't look up anything related to VeggieTales on because you can find things like "Add LarryBoy in Super Smash Bros", "Get VeggieTales to open up for Miku Expo USA and Canada 2020", or "screen the "Oh Santa" Silly Song with Larry at the beginning of Illumination's The Grinch", etc.


  1. They hate it because they think that VeggieTales is racist because the villains are "off-color". The series doesn't even mention any race. Plus, the characters are vegetables. How can they have a race or skin color?
  2. They hate it because they think that it's only for little kids when in reality, it can actually be enjoyable for anyone.
  3. Some hate it because they think that the Veggies look weird-looking which is just a poor excuse to hate it.
  4. This rant. Also a lot of the rants are typical Vyond-styled rants.
  5. Some hate art, hate memes, and hate videos (including grounded videos) about the show exist.
  6. They make stupid names of the show such as "VeggieFails" or "VeggieF*cks".
  7. They think that the fans of VeggieTales are rabid Christians, but most of them are not.
    • Also some of the haters are toxic religious haters who hate Christians which is just offensive.
  8. They dislike this show just because it's a Chrisitan show which is a silly reason to dislike a show. Also this hyperlink can tell you that even non-Christians can enjoy VeggieTales.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Both sides do respect other people's opinions on the entire franchise.


  1. Like most fandoms, they can create good memes, fan art, and fan content in general.
  2. Some fans do respect opinions to people who do like the Netflix series.
  3. Sane and nice fans everywhere.
  4. They calmed down after The VeggieTales Show was announced.
  5. Some have a fair reason why they don't like the Netflix series while also showing respect to others.


  1. Some rational and civilized haters exist.
  2. They have a fair reason why they may not like the franchise (maybe it's not for them) while also showing respect to others.
  3. Not all of them hate Christians.


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