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VeggieTales in the House/VeggieTales in the City Hatedom



There's a toxic place not far away. It's a land inside the internet where this hatedom gets mad all day. Meet this toxic hatedom and their nostaliga-blinded friends. They're all here inside this world that seems to end!
Nickname: Classic Veggies
Type: Cartoon Hatedom
Status: Semi-Active

Not to be confused with Cory in the House.

VeggieTales in the House is an American-Canadian Christian computer-animated children's comedy web television series produced by Big Idea Entertainment (owned by DreamWorks Classics) and animated by Bardel Entertainment. This is a spin-off of the VeggieTales series and follows the veggies embarking on new adventures throughout the house that happens in everyday kitchen life. It features new voice actors for some of the returning cast as well as new characters such as Ichabeezer, Bacon Bill, Tina Celerina, and Callie Flower who are exclusives to the show. A follow up titled VeggieTales in the City was released in 2017. While the critics have given positive reviews for the shows, the older VeggieTales fans gave backlash to them thus leading to a toxic hatedom.

Why They Let The Sun Go Down

  1. Let's start things off with the basics, they literally hate this show because of the redesigns of the characters. Remember, redesigning characters does not dictate the quality of a product. Just because some characters changed appearance, does not mean that the show is going to suck.
    • Similarly, they start to nitpick over the smallest of the things that change from the original series and in the Netflix series such as the show taking place in a city in an empty human house. Even though the Veggies do appear to live in a house in the original series which is, of course, the kitchen counter, the absence of some characters like Mr. Nezzer, the Scallions, and Qwerty, or the new voice actors for some characters like Junior Asparagus, Madame Blueberry, Petunia Rhubarb, and Laura Carrot (all of whom were voiced by Tress MacNeille).
  2. They make up some fake news that can easily give this series a bad name such as this article that claims that the VeggieTales crew made Larry the Cucumber support the KKK which depicts a photoshopped scene from VeggieTales in the House.
  3. Even before the show came out they were judging a book by its cover. Facebook was a good example of this, even when the official VeggieTales page was talking about its an announcement and how the characters were gonna look like.
  4. Even some actually compared it's tone to that of SpongeBob which is silly. Yes, we know that VeggieTales in the House was not as tops like the original, but being silly does not mean that it's necessarily bad since some shows that can be silly can still be good if done right. Besides, they would think that it's somewhat of a carbon copy of SpongeBob as well. A few also compare it to Teen Titans Go or even call it an anime rip-off.
  5. Don't you dare defend the show (even if you have good reasons to do so) because it's not going to be fun and that's all we need to tell you. Especially if you are in front of the nostalgiatards. They can even forbid people into doing so like in IMDb.
  6. They think that the people who were in charge VeggieTales (like Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki) were the ones ruining it when they don't seem to be bothered that both Phil and Mike were not given any control over the show and only voiced their characters. Not to mention that DreamWorks replaced the original creative crew that had been working at Big Idea Entertainment for nearly two decades with an entirely new team of nearly 75 artists led under the direction of Doug TenNapel in this show. why does this sound familiar from a fandom that loathes too much on a certain dubbing studio that actually didn't want to dub One Piece.
  7. They make hate memes of the show.
  8. When VeggieTales when on a hiatus after VeggieTales in the City was over, they would assume that VeggieTales is dead because of their hate towards the Netflix series when it was only a hiatus. Thankfully, The VeggieTales Show started to exist after the hiatus so they can stop acting immature.
  9. Even some haters who hate it because it's a Christian show still exist. Even though non-Christians can still be appealed to it.
  10. Some of the rants are just the typical Vyond style rant that you find on Vyond and YouTube.
  11. They call it some unclever nicknames like VeggieTales in the Hell or put anything like DummyTales or VeggieF*gs.
  12. Some confuse Mr. Nezzer with Mr. Ichabeezer thinking that the later is a flanderized version of the former when both characters are different according to Phil Vischer in a podcast. The reason why this happened was that Mr. Nezzer's voice is an imitation of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas portrayed by Ken Page, who is African-American. DreamWorks has a policy that characters who have a different race but are portrayed by white people are not allowed (even though Mr. Nezzer has never been established as possibly being African-American since he's just a vegetable). No wonder they call Ichabeezer a discount Mr. Nezzer
  13. Kink shammers are still there because of some scenes from the Netflix series do have some inflation and weight gain scenes believe it or not like when Madame Blueberry puffs up after eating swellberries in Stranded, Larry eating a ton of Marshmallows in You, Me & Tiny Pea, or Jimmy and Jerry getting stuffed from eating a giant cookie that was meant for Ichabeezer and Maisy in Ichabeezer's Grandaughter. What do you expect from a cartoon?
  14. Because of the VeggieTales in the City episode Burgers for Sale, they started to think that the veggies are cannibals when it's just a theory. Besides, it's only a cartoon and it's not like the veggies eat each other up. Though they are right that this is a big plothole. They even forgot that this plothole has happened way before the Netflix shows existed.
  15. Hypocrisy can play a huge role in there. They may complain about some characters getting new voice actors in the Netflix series, but they don't seem to be bothered by some characters also getting new voice actors in The VeggieTales Show like notably Mr. Nezzer who is now voiced by David Mann or Petunia Rhubarb and Laura Carrot who are now voiced by Kira Buckland.
  16. Speaking of The VeggieTales Show, they started to get even more powerful when The VeggieTales Show was announced after VeggieTales in the City came to existence. Though it's pretty rare.

Why We Still Got VeggieTales To Tell

  1. Some haters don't mind positive feedback of the show and can tolerate those that like this.
  2. They may have a point that the show wasn't really that well such as the characters being flanderized, the theological teachings were shallow, and the series was too babyish compared to the original series.
  3. Not all of them hate it for being a Christian cartoon.
  4. When Callie Flower (a character from the Netflix series) appeared in The VeggieTales Show, they don't seem to mind because it feels like they want to give her a chance. Phil Visher also said no new characters will be created for the said show, but all the characters previously created within the franchise are penned to be revived and utilized in the new series.