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Anyone knows that a spoiler is a piece of information about a narrative work that reveals plot points or twists and thus may degrade the experience of persons who wish to experience the work themselves. One of the biggest offenders of spoilers would have to be video game spoilers.

Why They're The Spoiled Ones

  1. Every time a new video game shows up, there is a chance anything related to video games will show up spoilers show up in the thumbnail (although sometimes, the thumbnail doesn't say much).
  2. Sometimes, trolls have the guts to ruin a person's experience in a video game. One example would be how the Persona Fandom would spoil the series for no reason. No joke.
  3. Even data miners spoil games as well. An example would be how data miners would leak major parts of Kingdom Hearts 3 around December 2018. This lead to Square Enix to cut the game's secret ending and epilogue for physical copies of the game, which were added back in with a day-one patch after the game's release.
  4. Speaking of thumbnails, some thumbnails would show a more spoiler-ish scene in the thumbnail.
  5. Some don't even give a spoiler warning.
  6. They are literally everywhere on the entire internet and social media and there is no way you can stop them.
  7. They even make and spam memes related to Spoilers such as the ones involving Doki Doki Literature Club.
  8. Some of them are jackasses who are self-centered and don't even care about how a lot of people hate spoilers. They also try to be attention hogs.
  9. Some of them would even spam media related spoilers everywhere we mean everywhere.
  10. They fail to realize that spoilers can easily ruin a reputation of a form of media. For example, a person on the internet posting an entire demo of DOOM 3 online, thus giving players the ability to play the first three levels of the game. The DOOM 3 leak was considered to be one of the biggest leaks in gaming history.
  11. Tons of clickbait since we are talking about Video Game Spoilers.
  12. Even websites like Miiverse prohibit spoilers for good reasons.
  13. There has been some several cases that people who spoil a game that hasn't come out yet can end up in big trouble. One example is when the data miners would leak Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo responded by permanently banning any 3DS system with a pirated ROM that tried to go online.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A lot of people would bring up spoiler warning on any discussion forum or spoiler filters (like the ones in GameFAQs or Discord) simply because they care about other people.
  2. Not all of them make memes involving spoilers as well as thumbnails having a lot of spoiler material.
  3. Some understand that spoilers are not a joke.

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