Video Games Hatedom

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Video Games Hatedom
It is because of a certain video game genre?
Nickname: Anti-Gamers
Type: Self-explanitory
Status: Active

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a two or three-dimensional video display device such as a touchscreen, virtual reality headset, or monitor/TV set. Since the 1980s, video games have become an increasingly important part of the entertainment industry, and whether they are also a form of art is a matter of dispute. Video games also have toxic hatedom.

Why Its Game Over For Them

  1. First and foremost, you have those idiots who think that video games cause violence (mainly the more violent ones like GTA). This is not even true since it's purely stupid. Just because someone plays a video game, does not mean that the person who played the game will come out as a criminal. They even go after video games that are not as violent as well.
    • Also, violence had occurred way before video games came to existence.
  2. Like the Sports Hatedom, they complain about video games being too long when games are supposed to be just as lasting as watching a movie or reading a chapter book. Some video games can be infinite in some form such as the classic arcade games that are in the same lines as Pac-Man or even an endless runner that you could find in mobile games. Though there are some games that may be unnecessary long such as The Order: 1886 (has very long cutscenes) or Animal Jam: Play Wild (for having long loading times). Did they just forget that some games are not that long, to begin with, such as these games?
  3. They stereotype gamers as immature, anti-social, weeaboos (if the games were Japanese), uneducated, basement dwellers, money wasters, obese, violent, losers, over-competitive, etc. This not even true to begin with since some gamers do have jobs/school or have other hobbies like sports.
  4. Some think that video games are for kids when they can be enjoyed by literally anyone since they are meant for the young and old alike. Besides, they just ignored that some games are meant for adults like the ones that are rated M for Mature and Ao for Adults Only. In fact, why does this ring a bell?
    • Even some games that kids can actually enjoy do tackle serious concepts such as the Mario & Luigi series. Hell, even some games that were originally rated E for Everyone have gotten an E10+ during a rerelease due to the ESRB ratings at the time (though it doesn't mean that kids can't actually play them) like Rayman 3 or Kingdom Hearts. Even the rating system outside ESRB also has a different way of rating games like Japan's CERO or Europe's PEGI.
  5. They think that video games are uneducational when it's just silly since video games are meant for fun. Though they are right that some people would only care about video games than more important stuff. Anyways, even some video games can be educational. Even if the game isn't focused on education, the game can still teach players things like problem-solving skills.
  6. Some haters don't even know about the video game industry or technology as a whole. Some would also hate technology as a whole or even science (because the many stuff that people use today wouldn't even exist)
  7. They may hate video games, but some would like some media that are related to video games/the virtual world in some form like Sword Art Online, Wreck-It Ralph, Tron, No Game No Life, Ready Player One, Jumanji (because of Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level), Glitch Techs, etc. They may also like shows based on video games like Carmen Sandiego, Pokémon, Castlevania, Angry Birds Toons, TF2's Meet the Team, Steins;Gate, the Fate series, various Sonic shows (like Sonic Boom and Sonic X), etc.
    • They also don't mind some voice actors that worked on some voices in cartoons and anime also working on video game voice acting.
  8. They complain about video games being too complex or too easy when some games that are too hard or easy can turn out to be good still. Yes, we could understand that bad games that are too hard/easy still exist.
  9. They hate video games just because of how expensive they can sometimes be. Not everything is free you know. Ever heard of saving money?
  10. Even religious nut-jobs go after video games because they think they're satanic or being used by Satan. Since when does Satan was ever involved in this?
  11. A portion of the hatedom would think video games are dying when they are not since the video game industry has been increasing since the 2010s. look.
  12. Okay, do we really need to explain this?
  13. On, they want to ban video games when it's not going to happen. Especially if it's something like
  14. Even some nostaligatards used to like video games, but say things like video games are not fun anymore. How nostalgiatardish.

What Gives Them The High Score

  1. Some haters are levelheaded and have legit reasons why not everyone has to enjoy video games.
  2. They may have a point that some video games are crappy or controversial in general.
  3. At least they have good judgment that playing video games too much is bad. Even Crappy Games Wiki is aware of it.
  4. Some condemn some baloney like the infamous "video games cause violence".


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