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"Huh? Who cares about some so-called legends with a lame fanbase? The only legend you need to know about is the legend of WARIO!"

WarioWare is a series of minigame compilation video games that are in the Wario series of the Mario universe. The first game, titled WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! was the first game in the series released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. The games center around rapid completion of "microgames", short minigames given to the player consecutively and with increasing speed per each game completed, while also introducing to the player a colorful cast of characters including Wario and a bunch of other new faces such as Mona, Dr. Crygor, Orbulon, Jimmy T, 9-Volt and more. The series was so successful, it had spawned numerous sequels and, of course, a toxic fandom.

Why this Fandom Stinks

  1. When WarioWare Gold was announced for the 3DS, some people complained when they found out that it was only for the 3DS and not the Switch, which is extremely stupid. This can also make themselves hypocrites because they are WarioWare fans.
  2. There was even a picture of 9-Volt and Kat hanging out with each other while naked which surfaced on the now defunct Google Plus. THAT'S PEDOPHILIA.
  3. Most are part of the Ashley Fandom for obvious reasons.
  4. They start wars with the Wario Land fans.
    • Some are even at war at which incarnation of Wario is better
  5. Some of them even HATE Wario himself. Most likely because of this video on YouTube (now privated) and this meme.
    • Some even hate Waluigi and Mario as well for stupid reasons.
  6. There was even a flame war that involves either liking or hating on "Game and Wario".
  7. Some are even part of the Waluigi Ironic Fandom simply because of how he never made an appearance in the WarioWare series or is that they're just shipping him with one of them like Ashley when she's too young for him.
  8. If part of the Super Smash Bros Fandom, some are at war for which WarioWare character should be playable which they only refer to Mona, Jimmy T., Ashley or 9-Volt. If the Ashley Fandom sees you choosing another character that is not Ashley, they will attack you.
  9. “Best Girl wars”, par for the course in any fandom.
  10. Speaking of the Wario Calls meme, some memes are overused, offensive, mediocre, sick and some even go too far.
  11. Some only play this game simply because of Ashley. You do realize that she made her first appearance in WarioWare Touched?
  12. Some fans don't even know who Mario is or even realize that Wario Land existed way before WarioWare came into existence.
  13. A select few who are part of the Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Hatedom say that the show is a WarioWare ripoff, which is stupid because Ruff Ruffman is an edutainment game show while WarioWare is a videogame series.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some memes can be funny.
  2. Some of the Voice-over features in WarioWare Gold can also be funny.
  3. Some respect Wario Land fans.
  4. Some like both Mario and Waluigi.
  5. Some played the Mario and the Wario Land titles.
  6. Lots of good fan art that is family friendly.
  7. Most of the fans are not that toxic.
  8. Some like their favorite characters the way they are and respect other people's taste, mainly the girls.
  9. The Waluigi fans are more tolerable here.
  10. A lot of them accepted the fact that WarioWare Gold is 3DS exclusive.


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7 months ago
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I think that some of the Waluigi fans were just shipping him with one of the WarioWare characters like Ashley when she's too young for him.