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Weeaboos in a nutshell.jpg
How typical weeaboos react.
Nickname: Weebs
Type: Anime Fandoms
Status: Super Active


Weeaboos are non-Japanese people who are obsessed with the Japanese culture and behave in a stereotypically Japanese manner.

Why They're Baka Yaro

Do we need to explain this?
  1. They try to ban western cartoons and they will only accept anime, even if these people are western themselves which is very hypocritical.
  2. Just like other toxic parts of fanbases, they will disrespect others with different beliefs towards everyone else.
  3. They will say disgusting and sexual stuff to an anime or a Japanese video game character on public websites.
  4. They always go like "I'm not a weeaboo, I'm a Japanophile", which is just an insult and an excuse to other people criticizing you or a Japanese person criticizing you for being a weeaboo, plus, it is racist and insulting to the Japanese.
  5. They mispronounce Japanese words, which is considered very disrespectful to Japanese people, and the Japanese culture. We bet they have not even taken Japanese class, because that is a way to get people from the US or in other countries outside of Japan to speak Japanese properly, without even disrespecting the Japanese people or their culture.
  6. They disrespect the Japanese culture without noticing that they are disrespecting it by acting xenophobic.
  7. They want to destroy western culture and they also disrespect Americans.
  8. Not only do they disrespect westerners and the western culture, they also act really vengeful, spiteful and all the time very hateful to Western people without any reason, and they always look down on them, even if you are western or if any weeaboo is a western itself, which proves it is hypocritical and disrespectful to the people of the west anyway.
  9. Whenever they hear Japanese dubbing tracks of cartoons from America, Britain, Australia, Canada, Mexico, or any other show that is produced from a country outside of Japan, they put up this annoying comment called "Best Anime Ever", whenever a cartoon from the US or the UK is dubbed into Japanese, this means they have no idea on what the differences are between an anime and a cartoon from another country being dubbed into the Japanese language for Japanese audiences. They also do not even realize they are western animated shows dubbed into Japanese not only English, and of course, they hate western animated cartoons without a reason, and for also not realizing it whenever some cartoon made in the US or the UK is dubbed into the Japanese language.
  10. They give anime, Japan, the Japanese people, and it's culture a bad reputation, and also a really bad name as well.
  11. They cosplay in a creepy manner and annoy the heck out of people with it.
  12. They collect Japanese weapons for no reason and can cause disturbances and injuries towards other people.
  13. They complain about no subtitles in RAW rips of anime, despite the Japanese language being their favorite language.
  14. They praise Japan and its culture as a religion when Japan is just an archipelago country in central Far Asia, neither a person nor the creator of the world.
  15. They do a lot of unacceptable things in public. (Most of them which cannot be stated he as it would violate the Miraheze rules.)
  16. They usually prefer only loli/shota and underage characters instead of adults.
  17. They spend their money on too much stuff from Japanese products such as anime figures, posters, unhealthy food, and body pillows.
  18. They also give reasonable and kind anime fans a bad reputation, and it's all because of their actions, most anime haters will attack anyone who enjoys anime, and these haters don't care if someone is a regular anime fan, or if someone that is an anime fan, they do it because these haters enjoy not taking a difference to what a weeaboo is and what a regular anime fan is, and they also enjoy not taking any constructive criticism as well.
  19. They'll look down on anyone who enjoys English dubs or any foreign dubbed languages of in any sort of Anime series as they insult the voice actors because their voice acting talents.
    • Many Filipino anime weeaboos prefer watching original Japanese dubs online rather than the Filipino dubs because they're terrible according to them, even though they've never watched them. They also downgrade and disrespect the Filipino voice actors/actresses instead of supporting them despite them speaking Filipino and not Japanese. Most of them give Filipino anime fans a bad name.
    • Meaning they exalt all Japanese seiyuus as god, despite the fact the most Japanese anime seiyuus or voice actors/actresses are actual celebrities in Japan.
  20. A lot of them are elitists thus making their snobbishness as big as the JoJo fans.
  21. They claim that western cartoons are unrealistic, for example, they claim about a character still being alive after being riddled with bullets, they don't care about a Japanese character getting slashed up and is somehow dancing around alive, and another thing, there are some weeaboos that dislike western animation without even watching it or giving it a chance, how do you not like it if you've never even tried it?
  22. They believe that western cartoons are full of stereotypes and cliches and are mostly generic, even when Japan is guilty of adding stereotypes and cliches as well and are often generic sometimes.
    • They accuse western cartoons of being repetitive despite these things found in anime, manga and Japanese video games that only have words typed in Japanese and characters speaking Japanese.
  23. They would threaten to move to Japan because of how they hate it when anime, manga and Japanese video games are censored, but of course, they always fail miserably to even realize the point and matter that Japan has censorship for those categories as well. Japan would dub our media as well, and the Japanese people would love to see what we make because most of the time, the Japanese people remain to be very kind and likable people. However, they can censor our media poorly for obvious reasons as well, like the FCC on Television.
  24. They ignore the fact that there are great western games and cartoons that beats Japanese anime, manga, and games. They ignore the fact that death, emotions, blood, and sexual content do appear in western media.
  25. If they are political, They more if not all lean to right-wing politics due of Japan's current immigration policy which has prevented non-Japanese immigrants to live country which may count as ironic if they really want to live there (see 22.) and its reactionary political culture to keep cultural and economic status quo which they applaud it, despite the social and economic consequences facing in country's future.
  26. They overuse words like "kawaii" and "desu".
    • Not just these, but a whole lot of Japanese language words that are untranslatable (such as the honorifics that don't really make sense in Western languages) tend to stay around in fan-made subtitles in order to make everything sound "Japanese" even though the language is FREAKING ENGLISH. For these reasons, official subtitles tend to be hated for no reason, especially when they manage to pull off a 100% accurate translation.
  27. There are select few who glorify Japan so much that they deny WW2 Japanese war crimes like the Nanking Massacre (or Rape of Nanking), and call it “Communist Propaganda”.
  28. They bash on western media and if you say that you don’t care or dislike anime in their faces, you will get death or rape threats.
  29. In comment sections they have hentai profile pics usually anime girls having semen in their mouths, which is not only disgusting but also against YouTube's rules.
  30. They are so bad that FilthyFrank made a video not only to criticize weeaboos but also mock them as well.
  31. The r/Animemes subreddit. They overuse this ironic joke; "Fucking weebs" way too much to the point where it's not funny anymore.
  32. They will ignore the source material an anime they would like have. For example, Dragon Ball is supposed to be inspired by Journey to the West.
    • Another being Tokyo Ghoul being based on Islamic folklore about ghouls.
    • Yet, another example being Highschool DxD being based on many mythologies.
  33. Hypocrisy they hate the west yet don't seem to be bothered that certain series take place in the west or are inspired by western culture examples include JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, Blood Blockade Battlefront, etc.


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5 months ago
Score 1
Im a Slavboo


5 months ago
Score 2
I hate weeaboos


6 months ago
Score 5
Cartoonaboos and Koreaboos can be worse sometimes.


7 months ago
Score 6
I hate those people. They give some anime fandoms a really bad name. Note that not all anime fans are bad people, but the weeaboos are just obnoxious.


7 months ago
Score 4
Yeah, they really do.


7 months ago
Score 5
As an anime fan, I actually hate those people.