Wrys (Fire Emblem) Ironic Fandom

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Wrys (Fire Emblem) Ironic Fandom
Wrys Heroes.png
"Mm. This toxic fandom is catching up to me."
Type: Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Wrys is a playable Priest character from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light. He is a curate from Talys who joins Marth to defend his country from the Galder Pirates. While he does not appear in Mystery of the Emblem, he does appear in New Mystery of the Emblem which is a DS remake. He makes his appearance in Chapter 1 of Shadow Dragon who offers healing abilities to Marth's army. He does like a quiet life and does not battle. Ever since Fire Emblem Heroes came to existence, he has a memetic fandom that can go too far.

Why This Fandom Is Not A Miracle

  1. They bow down to Wrys as if he was an incarnation of Jesus Christ. Yeah, an incarnation of Jesus Christ who is feeble.
  2. Some are somehow sexually attracted to Wrys, to the point where they would make memes such as this [1] and also this[2]. Although some take it as a joke but sometimes, their jokes can go too far.
    • The reason could be this card right here[3]. We can tell you that this fandom is sure is crazy.
  3. They view Wrys as a child molester simply because of how he cares for children. Just because he cares for children does not make him a child molester.
    • If that is not enough, they even make these[4] pathetic[5] and normified [6] memes. Why would you think that memes would show evidence that Wrys is a pedophile?
      • Similarly enough, there was even this[7]. Keep in mind that Alm is clearly 17 in Echoes.
    • Lame ships such as this picture of Wrys hugging Lloyd[8] First off, why would Wrys be shipped with Lloyd if both are on different sides? Lloyd is part of the Black Fang.
  4. They see Wrys as a womanizer. One example is this[9].
  5. Some other Wrys memes are normified and overused such as this.[10]
  6. Some only like Wrys simply because of the memes when it takes more than just memes to like a character.
  7. They even make false facts about him. In Fact, there was a wiki called "Gamefaqs Super Smash Bros. Board Wiki which made a page on Wry saying "FE1 only centers around Marth because the Famicom was at the time unable to handle Wrys' story or "He was Cordelia's canon husband. as he forced her into marriage when she was only 16. Fortunately, Generic Guy killed him and saved her, making her fall in love with him instantly". This is why you should never take memes way too seriously.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A few memes and fanart can be funny when done right.
  2. Not all of them act like this because there are still sane and mature fans.
  3. They calmed down a little while.


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