XXXTentacion Hatedom

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XXXTentacion Hatedom
Just because he’s dead now doesn’t mean you can just keep on bashing on him.
Type: People Hatedoms/Music Hatedoms
Status: Mostly Inactive

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (January 23, 1998 – June 18, 2018), known professionally as XXXTentacion, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Despite his popularity as a rapper and songwriter, he was hated by lots of people because of his bad behavior and reputation. Recently, he was murdered by being shot on June 18th, 2018, which was almost 1 and a half year since he become popular.

Why They Make Him Sad!

  1. Some of his haters were outraged when he released the song "Look at Me" where he was attacking white people, especially when a kid was hanged!. This caused outrage and controversy. Even he pointed that all people can be racist, no matter what their race is.
  2. They disrespect the opinions on the people who try to defend him, especially if you are a fan of him.
  3. They crushed the music community.
  4. Some of his haters never gave him a chance to improve and become a good singer and rapper.
  5. Some of his songs are heavily disliked by his haters, especially on YouTube.
  6. Some haters celebrated his death!
    1. This also includes some K-Pop fans who joked about and celebrated on his death.
    2. Not to mention that some users from TheTopTens also made fun of his death.
  7. They think that his murder was part of the "Demonic Blood Sacrifice" by the Illuminati! Seriously conspiracy theorists?
  8. The artist got a negative user score on Album of the Year because of rabid haters.
  9. Some are part of the Florida Hatedom because X was from the state.

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although XXXTentacion was somehow racist against Caucasians, he had a point that any person of any race can be racist in his songs.
  2. They do have a point that his posthumous albums Skins and Bad Vibes Forever were not good.


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